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Wow. I feel like anything can happen at any moment.  So much is going on, and you'll never know where Madonna might pop up.  That's good.  Glad there's a connection to Weeknd even though a few oddballs have an unhealthy obsession to him using his REAL name for this project. :)

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5 minutes ago, androiduser said:

not sure if this will do anything for anyone... the show is getting abysmal reviews and apparently it's a misogynistic mess

Really now?  Are you even paying any attention?  It's one of the biggest and popular buzzed new shows coming out. Let's not pretend it's not. 

I'm all for recognizing when a show is overhyped, but it's not even released, and no one yet knows how "abysmal" you claim it to be.

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3 minutes ago, Diieeego said:

Why are people being so negative about both these new songs? I am very exited!

Because some relish in negativity.  Me I'm excited because I'm seeing an appreciation for Madonna more and more in the entertainment industry. 

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2 minutes ago, Rebel Hugo said:

Honestly I'm excited about this collaboration with The Weeknd than the other one with Sam Smith. Also The Weeknd is more mainstream and respected than Sam, so I think this could be a good thing for her! :)


I like both artists. Its good to see her collaborating with people ive actually heard of for a change.

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