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What are your TOP 5 favourite ALBUM COVERS by Madonna?

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Not in particular order:

American Life 

True Blue (with title included) 

Ray of Light 

MDNA (album is average, but oh my god these covers are stunning!) 

Madame X (I love she went for a completely serious look rather than chasing trends, but I only like the first two, with black and blond hair, don't like the one with guitar at all) 



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For me True Blue, Something to remember, ROL are above the rest although of course Bedtime stories, Erotica, Inmaculate, LAV or LAP are iconic. Didn´t really loved it at first but now is a classic: the music cover. And COADF, Rebel heart, MDNA and Hard Candy are also iconic now, at least for us the fans.

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Good question… let me see… again it’s so hard as I feel all of her artworks are masterpieces (except MX regular version 💀)

I’ll divide it into 2 parts,


Studio Albums:

- True Blue 💙

- Erotica 🔞

- Bedtime Stories 📖

- Hard Candy 🍭 

- MDNA 💊


Compilation/Live Albums:

- Something To Remember 

- GHV2

- The Confession Tour

- Celebration (Deluxe Edition)

- Madame X Music From The Theatre Xperience (Vinyl Version)




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