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  1.  @madonna + @theweeknd + @playboicarti
    POPULAR 02 de junho!!!!!
    A garota está cheia de novidades, hem!



    Here's a look at the artwork for the 1998 Madonna Ray Of Light 7" picture sleeve from the UK which was cancelled - photo courtesy of our friend Tony 


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    2. Roy


      @PlayPause It could be that it's just a presentation of the 7" artwork.

    3. EgoRod
    4. G House

      G House

      @PlayPause nothing fishy here. The 7" artwork is meant to be folded so  that's why the title is upside down. Same for the CD single, if you look closely you'll see that the opening is on the left side, so the whole item is upside down.

  3. Back cover. 2 BONUS TRACKS! It might include Sodade and Crave (Live)... 


  4. Madonna's Madame  Tour is coming on 3LP Vinyl !! It will be released by Warner Records and Rhino.

    First pictures from Ricardo Gomes' Instagram, before he deleted it (probably because it wasn't meant to be revealed yet).


  5. The seven new shows in North America we reported about two weeks ago have been officially confirmed - PLUS with anti-LGBTQ+ legislation passing in Tennessee and other states, Madonna will bring The Celebration Tour in Nashville on December 22nd with a portion of proceeds from the show to go to trans rights organizations.

  6. Jean Paul Gaultier is back on board for #Madonna's new tour! In an interview for French magazine Gala, he reveals he will design the costumes for her #CelebrationTour. "For decades and always here!" #TheCelebrationTour

    Thanks to @madonnatribe

  7. Madonna is featured on three tracks on @christineandthequeens new album out June 9

    Angels crying in my bed (feat. Madonna)

    I met an angel (feat. Madonna)

    Lick the light out (feat. Madonna)

    1. A. A. Aardvark

      A. A. Aardvark

      it's like david bowie calling the pet shop boys
      and arranging a remix
      to pool their fanbases
      'coz they need a hit soon
      for some strange reason
      i'm not excited

  8. RUMOR: #setlist NOT official #thecelebrationtour



    1. tscott


      Seems like too many songs for a typical 2 hour show.  Also, I don't believe Madonna knows the set list yet.  I believe they are still hammering that out, and it won't be complete until they start rehearsals, seeing what works and what doesn't. 

    2. A. A. Aardvark

      A. A. Aardvark

      holiday is the only one you can guarantee
      no ?
      probably ray of light too
      miles away would go over live well

  9. he age of Aquarius [instagram story deleted]


  10. Here’s a look at the rejected artwork for Madonna’s 1992 hit single Deeper And Deeper which was chosen as the second single from Erotica.

    Both Bad Girl and Deeper And Deeper were considered as the second single from Erotica and this artwork design was later used for Bad Girl when it was released 30 years ago today

    Photos: Karman

    #Madonna #DeeperAndDeeper #BadGirl #BadGirl30 #Erotica30






    repost @njg_studio
    FINALLY the COMPLETE Andrew Caulfield sitting, photographed February 9th, 1984. With an exclusive introduction written by the Director Mary Lambert, cannot be missed. Coming soon 


  12. credit pic from Autograph Live


    1. madgefan


      Wish she still had that face, wrinkled and everything but her real face :ag:

  13. 314328747_674253744070255_1566011544379297066_n.jpg

    1. Piksel8


      Douching is essential... but is never hot... gurl

    2. Jackie


      Wedges are always best with a hot sauce ;)

    3. Musica


      So classy, Madonna :Madonna051:

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