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"Back That Up" demo going viral on TikTok / official single release 2022/12/30 !


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5 hours ago, wtg1987 said:

When is this crap song charting on billboard hot 100 then ? 

If you are that concerned, get streaming, buying and encouraging others to do the same.  But I think most of us who are being realistic, know this has no chance of charting on Billboard 100, especially without radio airplay and massive streaming and sales.  The song has dropped off the digital sales charts after a few days.  So that shipped has sailed. 

I don't think she or her team really thought anything was going to come from this other than just taking advantage of the moment, to increase streams, show she's still making music, and possibly make a little pocket change.  :)

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On 10/29/2022 at 3:00 AM, Ayham said:

MX version is horrible, actually when I listened to it (it was only one time) I felt dizzy & lost... 

Wouldn't dizzy and lost,:Madonna023: mean ear problems instead of bad music? I don't know i don't think you can get dizzy when listening to bad music

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16 minutes ago, milingo83 said:

Back That Up To The Beat on Spotify

DATE: TotalStreams (DailyGain)


Fri, 20/01/23: 4,260,138 (+417,940) NEW PEAK 😱🥳


Fri, 20/01/23: 1,955,818 (+108,236) NEW PEAK

Wow, that's a huge jump. I wonder did the tour announcement cause this spike or is it coming directly from TikTok?

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