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Your Favorite Ballad Tour Performances!

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What are your most favorite ballad tour performances by Madonna? 

Here is the first that came to mind for me. It sent chills up my spine seeing it the first time and it still does! Beautiful and so powerful...


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Live To Tell (WTG, Confessions)
Both are amazing in the original version and the updated Confessions mix with the religious symbolism.

Look of Love (WTG)
Her standing alone as she sings this underrated classic. It deserves more appreciation for sure.

Oh Father (BA)
Her and Carlton in sync as she belts out this shortened version before the transition to "Papa Don't Preach."

In This Life (GS)
Something about singing about the devastation of death, the AIDS crisis, her friends' memory while being watched by a clown in the background. Poignant, simplistic but spoke in many volumes.

Lament  (RIT)
Delivering an Evita track so unexpectedly with strong vocals and conviction. Short, sweet and effective.

Drowned World/Substitute For Love (Confessions)
The best rendition of the track. Madonna, Isaac and a oomphed production of the track. 

Paradise (Confessions)
Acoustic, simple yet so moving. Isaac's male vocals added so much to the song as well.

You Must Love Me (Sticky and Sweet)
Delivering an Evita classic with that arrangement in so many cities especially on the DVD release with DCFMA.

Love Spent (MDNA)
Goodness, how this performance evolved from a rough performance to shifting to a full-fledged work of art. She removed more clothing as it matured and became a staple on the tour slowing the high energy of the album track to a somber, emotional yearning for understanding from a money hungry ex-husband. 

HeartBreakCity/Love Don't Live Here Anymore
I will forever have a grudge this performance was neutered on the final version. Theatrical once the screen shows a city in rain, the vocals she delivered sounded pre-Evita as the staging with the staircase and a lone spotlight was so simple but effective in conveying the message of the song. Once you hear the familiar strings of LDLHA, it's beautiful. Singing only two choruses and a verse of the song, it blended beautifully and sounded amazing live.

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I've enjoyed so many of her ballads live.   Many have been mentioned here such as the Drowned World/Substitute for Love performance from Confessions Tours as well as Paradise (not for Me) and Live to Tell.  Lament from RIT is definitely one of her best delivered vocals ever, imo. I love the emotion she poured in In this Life from The Girlie Show.  Rain from that tour was pretty great as well. 

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