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I think there also deserves to be some "Live Video Singles" too to join some of the greats like LAV and Holiday from Blond Ambition and Nobody Knows Me and Music from The Reinvention Tour. 


Gang Bang MDNA could have been one. 



actually now that Im writing this, Im thinking she did some of these live videos because they didn't get proper videos. 



Nobody Knows Me


Miles Away

Jump 😏





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Guest Ashley
3 hours ago, Nobody Knows Me said:

Me too. I really wish she would perform it more, whether that’s the album version, acoustic version or single mix.

She performs very few of her songs from the Deconstruction era. 


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13 hours ago, Nobody Knows Me said:

I really love @louis.exeidea of a video in the vein of Kylie Minogue’s “Where is the Feeling?” video. I think that water/noir theme would suit the song perfectly.



Maybe - I’m not sure black and white would have worked though seeing as the previous video jml was shot like this - maybe we should think up a treatment for a video 😍

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Guest Ashley
20 minutes ago, wtg1987 said:

Maybe - I’m not sure black and white would have worked though seeing as the previous video jml was shot like this - maybe we should think up a treatment for a video 😍

Yeah she had Cherish, Oh Father, Vogue and Justify My Love in black and white from 89 to 91, so Rescue Me would have had to have been in some form of colour. 

At least before Erotica was released we had this Used to be my Playground in colour. 

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I had the weirdest dream the other night where I directed a video for Bye Bye Baby. It’s started with housewife Madonna finding some incriminating evidence of her husband having an affair in his trouser pocket whilst she was doing the laundry, so she decided to get revenge by indulging in some fetish role playing, dressing him up in nappies with a pacifier and taking Polaroid’s. Husband thought it was great his wife had gotten so kinky until he went to work the following day and the Polaroid’s were plastered all over the office. Cut to earlier when Madonna ran around the office laughing throwing copies of the photos all over the place.


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On 1/15/2020 at 10:38 AM, louis.exe said:

what songs would you have given a music video that didn't have one

Physical Attraction (was promo single on Italy, but she must have a video)

Holiday (Rumors say that she make the video, but it never realesed, only have pictures of it)

Angel ( it has a montage video, but we needed a decent video with sensual topic or dressed like an angel)

Dress You Up (I really hate the live videos, she shoulded make a video of this, with pink colors)

Over and Over

Where's The Party (Again a montage video, we need a decent video of this)

Causing a Commotion (Again live videos and the worst because the Italy performance was terrible on her voice, it's better on Japan, but she have to make a video with so much dance)

Spotlight (She shoulded  have  to use the Mitsubishi especial)

Spanish Eyes (Was a promo single on Spain, she had to make a La Isla Bonita 2.0)

Keep it Together (She had to make a video with the BAT coreography, not live video like the original video)

Hanky Panky (Again live videos, but this with album audio, she had to make a video like a real cabaret)

Sooner or Later (Something similar to Hanky Panky, a cabaret video)

Now I'm Following You ( a dance class with black and white and police)

More (She has to got more juicy of I'm Breathless, and another cabaret video)

Rescue Me (This jewel deserve a video like the comercial of Elephant not a montage like the original one)

Bye Bye Baby (Deserve a video not a montage)

Forbidden Love (Bedtime Stories jewel, with a cantine background a little bit like secret, with LGBT references)

Survival (With some references of Secret)

One More Chances (Again, not a montage video)

Sky Fits Heaven (A futuristic video)

Skin (With orgasmic and erotic video)

Little Star ( A video of Lola's Birth)

Time Stood Still (Another promo of The Next Best Thing)

Impressive Instant (I don't know why she didn't make a video, if after that Warner realesed was a promo single that she wanted)

Amazing (A promo single with some dancing men)

Nobody Knows Me (She had to make this video, it deserve it)

Nothing Fails (A sin that she never make this video)

Mother and Father (Some memories of her mother or a story like the song)

Forbidden Love ( Another fantastic song with LGBT references)

Isaac (a misterious dancing song on Egypt)

She's Not Me (a clearly reference to the tour)

Beat Goes On (The Best song of Hard Candy with a good music video)

Heartbeat ( A dance disco video)

Candy Shop (She loves this song and I don't know it wasn't realesed as a single with a video)

Revolver ( I have a story of this with sex and some spy outfits to reference to a revolver, she is a meaneater on my idea)

Superstar (A single on Brasil, she had to make it a video)

Love Spent (This song could save the MDNA album as a single with a video)

Masterpiece ( was a single on England, but it deserves a video, because is a fantastic song)

Gang Bang ( Another song to could save MDNA with a blood, cars and guns)

Hold Tight ( Was a single and deserve a video like the fantastic song)

Wash all over Me (RH has fantastic songs that could save it)

Devil Pray (Nuns on pole with demons, the second best song of RH deserve it)

Future ( A futuristic and jamacian video)

I don't Search I find ( she made the spy, I don't know where is the video)

Looking for Mercy ( a craziest video on a mental hospital)

Crazy (with her black hair)

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God, there's so many. For me it will always be "Impressive Instant".  With Mark Romanek completing his flawless trilogy.

Madonna is the artist I kept expecting the "visual album" from. A video for each track. I believe she could have done that with Erotica and Ray of Light. 

Even though I think Faz Gostoso is terrible, it seemed like that's the one thing people were clamoring for with this album. Should have done it.

It also would have been kind of amazing to see a proper video for the Miami Mix of DCFMA. With tango Choreo. Niki and Donna. With movie scenes spliced in.

Always wanted a Halloween/scary/ fun video for "Supernatural".

If only Lachapelle had directed "I Love NY"... Madonna cavorting with Amanda Lepore and running around the lower east side. 

I also wish "Get Together" and "Jump" had videos.....good ones...that matched the quality of the songs.

And it still surprises me that "Til Death Do Us Part" wasn't a single with a video.

I could go on and on. 

Ps. Its criminal that a Gang Bang video was overlooked to shoot a lingerie campaign/ secret project "revolution". 




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I dont know when to shut up

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I always pictured Hold Tight having a video that would serve as a sequel to Ghosttown.

It could have showed her with her new post-apocalyptic family (dog included), and it could have continued to stretch out the more optimistic note on which Ghosttown ended.

Alas, it wasn’t to be. Guess I should be thankful for the BIM video... 😅

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I remember dreaming about a video for Get Together of Madonna like walking around NYC, being cute and bubbly but a strong bitch, shot in black in white, and like running into people and these people becoming sort of her crew, and the crew getting bigger and bigger as she keeps walking down the streets.... the video for Crave has a very similar aesthetic of what was in my mind lol. But then they released those 2 animated videos........ oh well.

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