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Rebuild Rebel Heart!

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OK guys! This is a bit of a new concept to you, but I have been reading a Whitney Houston forum on Yuku with a few threads about 'rebuilding' her albums, i.e. changing track order and removing and adding tracks. Since Rebel Heart leaves out a few things that many of Madge's fans would love to have, I'm going to start by describing my 'rebuild' of Rebel Heart, and I'll let you guys have a go. I'd be very interested to hear your opinions  :bubblebitch: .


My rebuild:


1. Living for Love: It seems that albums work out better when the lead single is the opening track, plus if a fan is listening to the album in the correct order, it's a great intro the new incarnation of our Queen. Therefore, I would keep LFL as track 1, but maybe include the string intro from the Living for Drama remix! I get chills listening to that!


2. Devil Pray: Devil Pray rocks, and it's disappointing that Madonna hasn't released it as a single. I'd keep it as track 2, but maybe get rid of a few of the lyrics, namely those in the pre-chorus. All the talk about weed and acid is pretty cringe-worthy IMHO.


3. Ghosttown: Returning to singles, Ghosttown is great as track 3, but if I produced that song I would have added a little more lyrics to the chorus, maybe by writing a variation, and I would have made the production a little less repetitive, and a little more interesting.


4. Hold Tight: Hold Tight is pretty perfect, and although it is bland at times, it would follow on the 'I'll be there for you' theme of Ghosttown pretty well. 


5. Unapologetic Bitch: Unapologetic Bitch is perfect, but I would move it to track 5 to allow Hold Tight to follow Ghosttown. I would also not include Illuminati on the album, for reasons I'm sure fellow fans know.  :polish:


6. Bitch I'm Madonna: I think that Bitch I'm Madonna would go pretty nicely straight after Unapologetic Bitch, continuing on the, well, 'Bitch', theme. Note that I would remove the annoying electronic noises after the chorus because of my personal taste, and at the convenience of others I would remove the door squeak sound at the end.


7. Iconic: I feel that Iconic would better follow BIM in the track listing, as both songs are rather self-worth oriented. And that's a good thing!  :owy: The song is rather perfect, but Chance The Rapper's appearance could have been cut to make the song shorter for radio, and in case you haven't noticed, the cheering at the beginning is a GarageBand loop.  :laughing:


8. Joan of Arc: After all of the bold statements of fame and independence, Joan of Arc would be some great reflection time. The song explores the downsides of fame, so after a song like Iconic it would fit rather well. Otherwise, Joan of Arc is one of my favourites from Rebel Heart. I would make no changes to the song itself.  :worship:


9. HeartBreakCity: HeartBreakCity would follow JOA well, as it would turn melancholy into full-on emotion. :cryin: The song's great, by the way. I would only get rid of the unnecessary F-bomb, as it doesn't really suit the ballad mood. 


10. Wash All Over Me (Album Version): I feel like Madonna really should have released only 12 original songs on the standard version of the album. Body Shop, Holy Water, S.E.X. and Inside Out, are, well, themselves. They're pretty scrap-worthy songs, so the outright removal of them would be great for the album. Wash All Over Me is so perfect in both versions, the original and the Avicii demo, but I would include the Avicii remix in the Deluxe edition, as I will describe a little more later in this post. :whip:


11. Borrowed Time: Borrowed Time is a million times better than the tracks I've cut from my rebuild. I'm sure many of Madge's fans would appreciate if the song was refined a bit and actually included on the album.


12. Two Steps Behind Me: Two Steps Behind Me is so good! It would have been a great closing track, as a bad-ass conclusion to the standard edition of the album, and a warning to GaGa.  :fight:


13. Messiah: Messiah is such a beautiful song! Honestly, it's probably one of Madge's best. I feel like Rebel Heart would receive better public reception if this song was included, because it proves that Madonna isn't all shock value. It's a bit of down time before the album closer. 


14. Rebel Heart: I feel like there should be a law stating that albums' title tracks, if existent, must be included on the standard edition of the album! Rebel Heart is akin to Joan of Arc in the fact that it's a bit of a reflection on Madonna's fame, so it really should be the closing track. It really sets a conclusion.


Bonus Tracks:


15. Wash All Over Me (Avicii Remix)

16. Living for Love (Offer Nissim Living For Drama Remix)

17. Bitch I'm Madonna (Sick Individuals Remix)

18. Rebel Heart (Avicii Remix)


As you can see, I've scrapped a few original bonus tracks and replaced them with remixes. Madge never really includes remixes as bonus tracks, and it'd be a great way for fans to hear them without buying singles. The bonus tracks should be on a second disc, so it can be advertised as a 'bonus remix disc'. As for the unreleased songs, Madonna should release a compilation next year. I'm sure some fans would buy it, and it would mean more money for Interscope and Madonna!  :om:


Alright folks, submit your answers! You don't have to go into nearly as much detail as me, btw.


Posted Image


Maybe just state a dream track list, or say what songs you'd add or get rid of. Ciao!

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01 Rebel Heart (demo)

02 Bitch I'm Madonna (demo with album version)03 Iconic (album version)

04 Devil Pray (album version but with western elements of the demo)05 Ghosttown (album version with strings)06 Holy Water (album version without vogue)07 Inside Out (album version)08 Hold Tight (demo)09 Joan Of Arc (demo)10 Tragic Girl (demo)11 Heartbreak City (demo)12 Living For Love (demo with album version)13 Unapologetic Bitch (album version)14 Wash All Over Me (demo with big horns)15 Messiah (orchestral demo) 

Producers: Diplo, Blood Diamonds, Kanye West, Boots, Emile Haynie, Arca, Ariel Rechtshaid and Dev Hynes

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I'll put a little describer for the versions as some of the lists are confusing. I have two WAOM versions because fuckit. Youse guys should see my Ray Of Light. 1- Living For Love (1st Demo)2- Wash All Over Me (Avicci Uptempo)3- Alone with You4- Two Steps Behind Me5- Addicted (1st Demo)6- Devil Pray - This section is all uptempo kinda fuck you songs7- Messiah (1st Demo)8- God Is Love9- Revolution10- Graffiti Heart (1st Demo)11- Freedom12- Take A Day - A light inspirational section in the middle before...13- Bitch I'm Madonna (Diplo Mix)14- Unapologetic Bitch15- Illuminati16- Holy Water17- SEX (1st Demo)18- La Isla Bonita Dubplate19- Iconic20- Veni Vidi Vici - All sexy, thumping tunes with rappers and such21- Ghosttown22- Wash All Over Me (Acoustic)22- Rebel Heart23- Inside Out (Extended Demo)24- Never Let You Go - Sexy yet more chilled25- Joan of Arc (Demo 2)26- Beautiful Scars27- Hold Tight ("Version 5", no "only love")28- Borrowed Time (Demo 2) - Chilled with empowering messages29- Best Night30- Body Shop31- Autotune Baby - Sexy and weird as fuck32- Queen - I win pop music and none of you will ever feel what we felt again.

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twp steps behind is so a stupid song with childish and immature lyrics :3I'm so happy she didn't get stupid again like 3 years ago (express/born/she's not me)I like your tracklist

Sometimes its more fun to get stupid. I love how she sounds like she is racing pianos on Two Steps. Its a funky little number. i like not serious Madonna, she's clever about it.

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I was actually thinking of making this a reality, so here it is:


1 - Rebel Heart (Avicii withmiddle 8 part)

2 - Devil Pray (hybrid version perhaps a bit more colorful)

3 - Ghosttown (album version)

4 - Inside Out (hybrid version, more so the demo)

5 - Unapologetic Bitch (album version with a ft.)

6 - Hold Tight (album version)

7 - Bitch I’m Madonna (hybrid version between demo, album and diplo's "final" mix, the demo is more chill and has more build up)

8 - Iconic (album version)

9 - Body Shop (album version)

10 - HeartBreak City (album version)

11 - Joan Of Arc (demo)

12 - Living For Love (stripped down, less convoluted, more build up)

13 - Messiah (orchestral demo)


Rebel Heart - Lead Single

b-side: Addicted

b-side: Beautiful Scars (demo but improved)


Bitch I’m Madonna ft Nicki Minaj - Single

b-side: Autotune Baby

b-side: Iconic (Alternate Version)


Ghosttown - Single

b-side: Wash All Over Me

b-side: Devil Pray (acoustic)


Unapologetic Bitch ft someone (Rihanna?) - Single

b-side: Best Night

b-side: Holy Water


Tour only interlude tracks:


Veni Vidi Vici



It's very sad to me that she has abandoned the classic album format, in favour of longer albums with odd tracklistings and lots of filler. Not every Madonna song is a masterpiece... and b-sides can be an incentive for pop fans to buy the digital EPs (singles).

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  • [*]Rebel Heart (Avicii demo 4) [*]Devil Pray [*]Addicted (Avicii demo 5) [*]Wash All Over Me (Avicii demo 4) [*]Hold Tight (demo 5 and album mix) [*]Ghosttown [*]Living for Love [*]Iconic (demo 1 improved) [*]Unapologetic Bitch [*]Inside Out [*]Best Night [*]Borrowed Time (album and demo 3 mix) [*]Joan Of Arc (acoustic) [*]Hearbreak City (demo 3)


  • [*]Beautiful Scars [*]Body Shop [*]Heaven [*]Messiah (demo 4) [*]Rebel Heart (acoustic)

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1. Living For Love (Album Version)

2. Devil Pray (Demo 2)

3. Ghosttown (Album Version)

4. Iconic (Demo 1)

5. Bitch I'm Madonna (Diplo's Final Version with Demo 1 Elements)

6. Two Steps Behind Me

7. Addicted (Demo 2)

8. HeartBreakCity (Demo 3)

9. Joan Of Arc (Demo)

10. Beautiful Scars (Demo)

11. Body Shop (Album Version)

12. Wash All Over Me (Demo 2)

13. Borrowed Time (Demo 2)

14. Rebel Heart (Demo 4)

15. Queen

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Sometimes its more fun to get stupid. I love how she sounds like she is racing pianos on Two Steps. Its a funky little number. i like not serious Madonna, she's clever about it.

I love when she's funny but not when she's stupid :)

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1. Living For Love - Album Version

2. Devil Pray - Album Version

3. Ghosttown - Album Version

4. Unapologetic Bitch - Album Version

5. Illuminati - Demo Version Properly Mastered and Final Mixed.

6. Bitch I'm Madonna - Album Version

7. Hold Tight - More lyrics added from the demo versions especially these ones "I know we'll find our way Pushed to the limit with no end in sight I know we'll find our way so tonight hold tight"

8. Joan Of Arc - (Acoustic Version)

9. Iconic - Album Version

10. HeartBreakCity - Demo end lyrics added. "And I still feel shitty"

11. Body Shop - Album Version

12. Holy Water - Album Version Mastered Properly

13. Inside Out - Demo Version Properly Mastered and Final Mixed.

14. Wash All Over Me - Avicii Demo Version 2 Properly Mastered and Final Mixed.

15. Best Night - Album Version

16. Veni Vidi Vici - Album Version (Keep Nas Rap but Rap about Madonna rather then yourself the song is about her not you)

17. S.E.X. - Album Version

18. Messiah - Album Version but a bit longer ends too quickly in my opinion.

19. Rebel Heart - Avicii Demo Version 4 Properly Mastered and Final Mixed.


Super Deluxe


1. Beautiful Scars - Demo Version Properly Mastered and Final Mixed.

2. Borrowed Time - Avicii Demo Version 5 Properly Mastered and Final Mixed.

3. Addicted - Avicii Demo Version 2 Properly Mastered and Final Mixed.

4. Graffiti Heart - Album Version

5. Autotune Baby - Album Version

6. Queen - Album Version

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Most of all i'll put the Version 2 demo of Rebel Heart, a hybrid of the Avicci version and the album version and actually closer to the one she does on tour. Shame we only have a LQ MP3 of it :/

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i had rearranged the album using only the standard edition songs


01. Hold Tight
02. Devil Pray
03. Body Shop
04. Living For Love
05. Iconic
06. Holy Water
07. Illuminati
08. Bitch I'm Madonna
09. Unapologetic Bitch
10. Inside Out
11. Joan Of Arc

12. HeartBreakCity
13. Ghosttown
14. Wash All Over Me

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1 Living For Love (Demo 3)

2 Devil Pray

3 Borrowed Time (Demo 4)

4 Hold Tight (feat. MNEK) [i love his voice!]

5 Iconic (Demo)

6 Never Let You Go (If only there was a finished version)

7 Wash All Over Me (Avicii Version)

8 Ghosttown

9 Heaven

10Veni Vidi Vici (Demo)

11 Unapologetic Bitch

12 Holy Water (Demo)

13 Addicted

14 Bitch I'm Madonna (without Nicki)

15 Rebel Heart (Avicii Version)


CD2 Deluxe (More Acoustic)


1 Freedom

2 Graffiti Heart

3 Revolution

4 Alone With You

5 Nothing Lasts Forever

6 Beautiful Scars

7 Take a Day

8 Rebel Heart (Album Version)

9 Tragic Girl

10 HeartBreakCity (Demo with the "shitty" part)

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MNEK is so great, I love that EP and "Suddenly" omg "Ready For Your Love"... the refixes...I like kurushitovska's idea of two albums. not sure why that idea never came about with so many interesting concepts. I want a rock god version of Graffiti Heart so bad, like a Headcleanr rock version.

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rebel heart material is some of the best of her career.


the 3 released editions though were shite.


due to the leaks the project was overblown with countless filler and different editions. they needed to trim it down to a 1 cd album and a special edition with bonus tracks with mdna. keep it simple. the rest of the ballad shite that got released and most of the other album tracks were pants. some of the best songs were ruined in the final versions and some of the best demos never saw the light of day. she really got it wrong with this album as the material was there, they just made the wrong tracklist 


1) living for love

2) devil pray

3) unapologetic bitch

4) illuminati

5) bitch i'm madonna

6) joan of arc (acoustic)

7) iconic

8) body shop

9) holy water

10) inside out

11) best night

12) veni vidi vici


bonus cd/special edition


13) beautiful scars (one of the demo's, not the awful album version)

14) addicted

15) back that up

16) god is love

17)take a day

18) take it back

19) graffiti heart


maybe save the shite like ghosttown, messiah, heartbreak city for b-sides 

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1.  Rebel Heart

2.  Bitch I'm Madonna

3.  Ghosttown

4.  Iconic

5.  Messiah

6.  Beautiful Scars

7.  Living For Love

8.  Hold Tight

9.  Body Shop

10.Inside Out

11.Borrowed Time

12.Graffiti Heart

13.Joan Of Arc

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After trying different orders this is the final one for me that works, using the double disc concept.REBEL01-Rebel Heart (Avicii mix)02-Borrowed Time 03-Devil Pray 04-Queen 05-Illuminate 06-Bitch I'm Madonna 07-Iconic 08-Addicted 09-Best Night 10-Sex 11-Holy Water 12-Veni Vidi Vice 13-Unapologetic Bitch HEART01-Living For Love 02-Wash All Over Me (Avicii mix)03-Beautiful Scars 04-Inside Out 05-Ghosttown 06-Graffiti Heart 07-Hold Tight 08-Joan Of Arc 09-HeartBreakCity 10-Body Shop11-Autotune Baby 12-Messiah 13-Heaven

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