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New Single to promote the Concert DVD/album?

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2 hours ago, thelioncourtheart_ said:

Just the usual cash grab and extra incentives for super fans and collectors. The standard was something Madonna but the label wanted which makes no sense to exclude the title track. The definitive version according to the Queen herself is the deluxe and the Super Deluxe is basically the deluxe version if the standard didn't exist.

I think having two records compete against themselves especially if released at the same time would have been confusing to the general public outside of fans and super fans plus wanting both to sell equally. The concept is good but the execution in this day and age would be terrible. Fans were mentioning how low stocked some places were with copies and some couldn't find the vinyl or Super Deluxe. I had to go through several stores like Target, Best Buy, FYE to find all three copies but I guess it's easier being categorized as one album rather than REBEL (one) and HEART (two). At least how I think of it when it comes to the double album idea. They probably also didn't want to have her close off her recording contract with two records.

Actually in physical format, and especially in the past, a double album would have been excepted as a single unit.  What I mean; fans would know it's a larger volume within a particular album (even if official organizations would chart the sales separately between both albums.)  These days, a double album would only make a difference with physical format.  Any other format, it would be like how it was released regarding "Deluxe" and "Super Deluxe".   To me, those version are far more confusing than just the Double Album format.  As mentioned, calling an album "Rebel Heart", but excluding the title track seems very odd to me. Not sure I know of any other artist to do that.  Not saying, it hasn't been done, but you'd think an album called "Rebel Heart" would include the actual title track that exist on other formats.

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