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4 hours ago, dave2290 said:

- in every album, 2 or 3 songs or maybe more made in feat with singers like Sam Smith, kim petras, dura lupa, beyonce, Kylie ecc .... again it can be another album... Example like a virgin album, like a vergin feats album,,,

Absolutely not, no, never. What a horrendous idea! I don't want Madonna's amazing songs to have these featuring nobodies, she doesn't need to do that. She can always do a new album of new songs with duets like Elton John did though.

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@JustinTimes its a good idea.... but i hope she do a lot of feat....look with sickick, 070shake, blondish, dua lipa and Sam Smith and the weeknd.... i hope she dont stop to put out more music... this is how the music work now....fast and prolific .... i hope she embrace this era with today rules and not 80s rules

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17 minutes ago, milingo83 said:


So Love Profusion is the next one to be in HD! Much likely they got the HD upscale in The Power of Good-Bye/Drowned World/You'll See/Verás would end up being subpar and that's why EmilIE haven't even tried, right lil'medonsters? Given

38 minutes ago, Cyberraga said:

Remastering music videos is not going that great.... What was before Don't Tell Me HD video? Hollywood 4K? That was ages ago.


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1 hour ago, dave2290 said:

i dont know why is so difficult to do the things with a bit of more attention and care.

Because Madonna’s team has a habit of asking sleazy fans to do some of the work for a fraction of that pay. Considering these people are stupid enough to taken an offer from her team with little to no pay, you can bet that they are also not particularly attentive.

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2 hours ago, milingo83 said:


The thumb is just so damn cool.  Unfortunately, the video itself in HD is disappointing.  It's too smudgy (if that makes sense) and fuzzy at times.  Don't understand what is happening with HD upgrades anymore (and it's just not Madonna's videos).  I feel anymore people are relying on AI or a form of it to upgrade these videos, rather going back to their original master tapes and upgrading them. It's pretty disappointing across the board.  It definitely shows how lazy our society is anymore.  I'm not impressed at all by all this new AI technology.  I feel it is taking short cuts to what really should be done. :sad:

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31 minutes ago, dave2290 said:

no i think the publishers need to have the originals... but i remember in los angeles a studios archive burn with thousands maybe million movies and music videos originals tape....

@Askeroff. @McDonna

it's estimated that 40,000 to 50,000 archived digital video and film copies were lost. A 2019 exposé from The New York Times Magazine asserted that the fire also destroyed 118,000 to 175,000 audio master tapes belonging to Universal Music Group (UMG). This included original recordings belonging to some of the best-selling artists worldwide.


Two weeks later, the author of the article above wrote a follow-up article, listing at least 700 additional artists named in internal UMG documents as possibly affected. Determining which recordings had been destroyed, or how much of an artist's discography had been affected, was impossible


Within two weeks of Rosen's articlee, five plaintiffs (singer-songwriter Steve Earle, the estates of the late Tupac Shakur and Tom Petty, and the bands Hole and Soundgarden) filed a class-action lawsuit in federal court against UMG. In their complaint, the plaintiffs claimed UMG never told artists about the effects of the fire and had breached their contracts by failing to properly secure its master tape collection. They further alleged that UMG did not share insurance or legal payouts received as a result of the fire. Every plaintiff except for Tom Petty's ex-wife dropped out of the complaint after UMG provided artists with a list of their recordings in the company's archives.


but perhaps this deserves it's own topic

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2 minutes ago, dave2290 said:

@Aiwa08 i Know but this is what i read and not in the gossip section....

But now there are so much singer who sing madonna songs during concerts that pratically is just like that....

But at the end its a M decision....

im honest i dont dislike the idea... 

and in courious to know ... what song what singer 

Of course at the end its a Madonna decision, as always, but I still hate the idea of featuring singers.

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