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My heart says American Life. 

My body says Confessions. 

Impossible choice. 


Intervention, Nothing Fails, Nobody Knows Me, I'm So Stupid. 

Get Together, Forbidden Love, Future Lovers, Like It Or Not. 


Theyre all in heavy rotation, still. I can't choose between these two albums. 

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They are basically a tie for me. I like American Life's immense honesty which is something that never really goes well for Madonna. Is it because she is a woman? I don't know. I just know that the more brutally honest men are in their work the more praised they are.

I think Madonna was trying to get to the core of what her career was about and what drives her. I think she was trying to dismantle her illusions as well as "American illusions." The music absolutely accompanies and compliments the words like it's sole purpose is to support and be one with the emotions expressed in the lyrics. 

For example: in Nobody Knows Me it sounds like the music gets louder and more intense as the song goes along matching the frustration and underlying resentment in the lyrics. 

I love that. It's very honest and stripping away of appearances. Nothing to distract the listener. Honesty does come with a price though. Most people are not comfortable with it and find it cringe inducing 

I think Confessions is a very clever album in that Madonna continues her epiphanies, soul searching and frustrations but in the mix of some very catchy and danceable music. Perfect name for the album. If you are not interested in Madonna's musings you can simply tune out what she is saying and dance or get lost in the sound. 

Her innovation in music is on display here in great transparency and detail as the Abba sample meshes seamlessly throughout Hung Up and Future Lovers turning over into I Feel Love is mesmerising. The music dominates in Confessions over some pretty profound lyrics as well. She is honest in the album but it is not as blunt as American Life. Her videos for the album seem to only pay attention to the music and not so much to what was being said in my opinion which was a little disappointing. 

I'm not a beat around the bush kinda gal so I like when artists put strong emotions out there for all to see but I see the genius in putting it all out there wrapped in a warmer blanket or an amazing dance sound. 

To choose which I prefer it is still tough because I can heavily relate to Nobody Knows Me and X-Static Process but I feel I can personally relate to more songs on Confessions when I really listen. 

Confessions On A Dancefloor has an edge for me. 

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Depends. Confession was very consistent and productionwise it was (and is) godly and futuristic, but American Life was just so bold and powerful. She, unlike many other people in her position, used her music and power to talk about the toxic political climate, and protested everything, It was a bold move since people as famous as her usually just keep shut. 

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21 hours ago, LindebergBoy said:

Confessions on a Dance floor her best album along with Like a Prayer, True Blue and Ray of Light. American Life is one of her worst. Haven't listen to it for years.

:O there’s no such thing as the worst Madonna album 

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when i heard american life for the first time i felt really disappointed at the time , i felt something was missing in the music and vocals 

now i find it a good album ,

confessions for the first time i whas blown away and still now it feels like magic 

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