Hung Up (Live at Coachella 2006): OFFICIAL PRO-SHOT PREMIERE!

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9 hours ago, RUADJAI said:

I love that Stuart seemed to be mixing the sounds live during the second verse. Bring the tick tick and the beat in and out for a live DJ feel. She also looks so happy when she's crawling on the floor, I assume seeing all the cameras pointing at her. 


Hopefully tomorrow we get "Get Together" :Madonna001:

What it seems to me, it's not that Stuart was live mixing making Madonna screwing up the words, but whoever did the edit of this video, did a poor job mixing/editing the audio with live and album vocals+music, it's clear that it's being dubbed (those audio loudness jumps... eek) over the this bootleg one-cam video (which probably was somebody from Coachella organizers who asked someone to record it or ask the press to do it).

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On 5/20/2020 at 4:29 PM, diegolcl said:

The thing is: Remember a time when Madonna was synonyms with on top high quality outputs?
We're not complaining because we are never satisfied, we're just appalled at how bad things are done. They can't get anything right! Fans have done better edits with audience footage over the years.
There are people wasting their time trying to remaster her videos and sharing it for free with other fans, that's how much we appreciate her work, and then somebody who must be getting paid to take care of her channel does this mess again and again, over and over.
Madonna has the biggest legacy in pop music and I don't think that new people will get interested in discovering more if they happen to watch this mess...

Exactly- m has always prided herself on perfection and yet every time we get a home release of something whether it’s a compilation dvd ( celebration) or concert film ( rebel heart , MDNA tour ) its always a shoddy release - she can’t even get her team to put a decent 5.1 audio track together either 

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I don't understand why they just dubbed the album version onto it. If they'd have given it some thought, they could've dubbed the HQ Koko audio over it because its the same performance


I actually love the one shot thing - It gives a feel like I'm stood in the crowd watching her. Although the prick holding up the camera as the first chorus starts is annoying.

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