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The Celebration Tour (No Spoilers)


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1 hour ago, Brendanlovesu1 said:

please someone correct me if this is wrong here but my understanding is that the code is not a bog standard pre sale code it's a fanclub code where the member is able to buy 4 tickets for each venue. Sharing the code will mean you have no idea how many people have used this code at what venue. And it wont be picked up on until further down the line when tickets are ready to print. Meaning when they see 200 people have used code to get tickets they will cancel them. It’s does say!!! So if you want to share, you have been warned. And if you want to risk buying from a code on public display, you have been warned also. It's crazy the codes flying around out there

Once the venue has your money they aren’t canceling your tickets because you used someone’s code. I’ve worked for an entertainment venue for 10+ years and have never heard of this happening by us or Ticketmaster. 

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4 hours ago, scion said:

The Swedish prices are on the website and have been since the announcement. The max price non-package appears to equate to £235


I can't find any prices anywhere but axs, if I check on my iPhone. PC won't show anything.
Livenation is still secretive...

According to asx, ticket prices range from 3150-500 SEK. Of course that is not including the special VIP thingies that cost a month's pay...

Oh well, I'll buy my ticket on Friday. :)

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