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Two singles in the space of a week with two of the worlds biggest artists?

Oh mama she is not coming to play. 

Add in the Max track / tracks. The Dickpick tracks, the rumoured Honey Dijon tracks, the Pat Leonard tracks and the Swae Lee song and we look like we might be in for some sort of album of EP release. We had zero clue about the Sam Smith and WKND tracks before this week. There could be loads to come. 

Cool name for a Madonna Greatest Hits. Disc One:  Vulgar / Disc Two: Popular

Then again it might be another approach. An onslaught of one off collabs with big artists to raise her streaming numbers in time for her historical releases and the tour starting. It feels like there's a lot more to come whichever way you slice it actually.


If you'd told me last year we'd have a WKND, Beyonce, Sam Smith and Max Martin collaboration I'd have laughed.

A Madonna feature on Taylors Karma would have been much more fitting than dead pan Ice Spice. What is the deal with that girls success?


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2 minutes ago, steady75 said:

Sams number 1 with Unholy was a bit of a wildcard. They haven't charted even in top 20 since 2019 prior to that and nothing since Unholy has. It was such a viral hit. It will be good for her presence anyway. 

I think a lot will play in making this a pretty decent hit.  First off, his recent cancellations due to being sick has gained some positive attention. A song with him and Madonna called "Vulgar" has to make some waves.  Unholy was quite sexual, so he's riding that wave still.  And the response to the teasers so far are pretty promising. 

I have a feeling this is going to hit big. 

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