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Favorite use of a Madonna song in the movies

Blue Skies

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UNCUT GEMS (2019) | “RAIN” BY MADONNA (1992)

‘Uncut Gems is sonically dense and visually chaotic. So it’s a surprise when Howard Ratner (Adam Sandler) walks into his Manhattan apartment, where he keeps his mistress, and finds it empty and dark. It’s an eerie moment of calm in an uncomfortably tense movie. The only noise is Madonna’s “Rain” blasting from the speakers.

My colleague Miles Klee calls it the film’s needle-drop scene. “It’s sort of the only moment you get a breather,” Klee says. People in his theater even let out uneasy laughs. “That’s when you realize you’re not going to be able to predict anything that happens through the rest of the story.” The scene is heavy and vibe-changing — just like rain.’


Couldn’t have said it better, hence the quote.I was not at all expecting to hear Rain in the movie. And the other one would be Borderline in Papi Chulo. They actually sing along in the movie. I really liked that bit plus the whole movie is really sweet . E6C2DB24-021A-469A-9B26-0F76F20C8445.jpeg.1d8f7175902e2c444807df7b0972d23c.jpeg

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8 hours ago, Blue Skies said:

Mine is the instrumental Live To Tell in the opening scene of Live To Tell.  Very well acted underrated film.  Plus it adds to the lost art of a good opening sequence in film 

I have to agree that Live To Tell was very well used throughout At Close Range.  The score contained much of the instrumentation of Live To Tell.

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