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Madonna: Erotica (Poll)


Madonna: Erotica  

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  1. 1. What is your favorite classic from this stunner: Erotica?

    • Erotica
    • Fever
    • Bye Bye Baby
    • Deeper And Deeper
    • Where Life Begins
    • Bad Girl
    • Waiting
    • Thief Of Hearts
    • Words
    • Rain
    • Why's It So Hard
    • In This Life
    • Did You Do It?
    • Secret Garden

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It's hard to choose, as it is one of my fave M. albums, but I'll pick Bad Girl. It is my fave MV of hers and the song is deeply beautiful.

Words would be my second choice, I absolutely love how it slows down during the bridge: ''friends they tried to warn me about you...''.

And, of course: Erotica, one of my fave songs ever, so sensual and I love how her voice sounds.

Bye Bye Baby, DAD, TOH, Rain, WISH, ITL and Secret Garden are standouts too.

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No love for Did You Do It then ? Lol - dunno why this song was on the album when we could have had shame, goodbye to innocence or dear father ??

i view Did You Do It as a remix of waiting and not a real song since it uses a sample and is 75% someone else preforming, I also read somewhere that the inclusion of that song is why the album has a parental advisory sticker



Personally my favorite songs are Erotica, Bye Bye Baby and Bad Girl but i think she shouldn't have released it around the same time as the sex book because everyone was focused on buying or condemning the book and forgetting about the music, it's a shame because it's a beautiful album

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One of Madonna's best work, and almost all songs sound immaculate, especially Erotica, Deeper and Deeper, Bye Bye Baby, THEIF OF HEARTS (why was this song not a single), Rain, Waiting, Why 's It So Hard, and the list goes on. But the best song in this album is BAD GIRL, the song, the video, and that SNL performance, they were all perfect. I'm a bit disappointed that she didn't perform the song on tour :(

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Oh man, everything about this album it's amazing! I enjoy and love every single song in it (yes ''patriziagucci'', I said it), I can't really stand how underrated it is! How many years it will take to people to realize it is a masterpiece?


It really depends on my mood when choosing my favorite song off the album, but regardless of it, it's really hard! But, I'll go with Words!

Everything about it it's too damn perfect, and also, I'm in a point in my life where it is completely relatable...

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On 3/21/2016 at 8:22 AM, Stevo said:

Deeper and Deeper as it was the first track I heard from the album and I loved it, but TBH I still found this hard to decide. It's a fantastic album. I'm lucky as my version of the CD doesn't have "Did You Do It?" on it, and it's a pants song! So for Me, it's a virtually flawless album with no fillers, and it's hard to pick an outright favourite. I was torn and nearly went for Words/In This Life/Secret Garden but went with my gut instinct and DAD.

Me too it took me decades before I finally saw the erotica video

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I went with Waiting but Bad Girl, Deeper & Deeper and Secret Garden are very close too. Also Rain and Words.

This is and always will be my all time favorite M album so I love pretty much every song.

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On 3/21/2016 at 2:57 AM, Enrico said:

Everytime is so difficult to choose... I love the singles, Deeper and Deeper, Rain, Bad Girl... who doesn't?

Where life begins is so original. Who dares to write a song about this?

In this life is so moving especially in its live Girlie Show rendition.

Maybe it's easier to say which is the least favourite... to me it's probably Bye bye baby. I like Did you do it because I spent hours to write down the exact lyrics until I finally found a girl from San Francisco do it for me... and she was a little embarassed: the story of the boy making sex with M in her limo but splitting the condom is soo funny!


Finally, I voted WAITING because I have experienced the feeling described in the song, it's the most personal for me, and I know it won't be voted by many, so I'll give it a chance!!

Waiting is waaaaay up there for me, too.  Probably my second favorite, but this is my favorite album/era, and I think the album is everything I love about Madonna and her music all within one album.

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