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Status Updates posted by wtg1987

  1. why is everyone so obsessed with its that girl and shes breathless lately ??? :)

  2. Jesus Warner where is this first re-issue announcement ???

    1. MartineX


      #soon (in madonna language/time)

    2. wtg1987


      Not soon enough ??

    3. Skyline Pigeon

      Skyline Pigeon

      Its somewhere over the Rainbow and it will definitely be coming soon like the Harlem performance.

  3. Where can i watch the full MadameX questions  & answers that showed on Paramount+ last year ?

    1. Skyline Pigeon

      Skyline Pigeon

      I just subscribed to Paramount Plus and canceled my subscription again right after I was done watching because it has a seven day free trial.

    2. Curtains
  4. No Samantha and now no Mr Big :( im so gutted - and they have woked SATC now too - couldnt get any worse :((

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    2. professormouse


      "Oh, I saw it in America...she dies at the end...."
      Do you critique un-boxing videos too ?

    3. Fighter
    4. DickTracy


      Is anyone else still not buying Anthony and Stanford as a couple? Ick.

  5. (REMASTERED HD) Mariah Carey- Just Be Good To Me Live Tokyo 1996 - YouTube

  6. Loving Mariah Carey's version of "Just Be Good To Me" from her rarities Japan Blu-Ray and im not even a massive Carey fan xx


  7. Got the new Prince cd box set today and All I can think is - Madonna how much longer do we have to wait for something special like this from you ?!? ?


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    2. Celebration


      I'm getting my deluxe cd-box from amazon Italy next week. :)
      Can't wait.

      (And yes, it would be wonderful to get these kind of deluxe editions of Madonna's albums too. Oh well, we can always dream...)

    3. wtg1987


      On 9/25/2020 at 8:41 PM, VogueMusic said:

      Just out of curiosity...where did you order it from? Amazon or the official Prince site?  (On amazon, it's back-ordered another week or so.

      I bought it in store from HMV as Amazon weren't quick enough to deliver it to me and im impatient when it comes to these kind of releases ! :(

    4. rlittler81


      My vinyl sets came from Amazon UK and we’re delivered on release date. The cd came from Amazon Italy and arrived yesterday. Pretty good service.

  8. Watching INXS live baby live blu ray remastered in widescreen 4K from Wembley 1991 - looks amazing and wish we had Blond Ambition in this quality ?

  9. I’m not a Taylor swift fan by a long shot - I think she’s annoying but I do love her song Daylight - beautiful words and melody ? also her song The Man is suspiciously like What Ut Feels Like For A Girl ? ?

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    2. wtg1987


      Maybe I will give that a watch then ?

    3. stfan97


      This isn't remotely true as every female artist on my Twitter feed has spoken up politically, but I feel that Taylor has more impact with her base in general because she only posts a few times a year on issues that are really important to her and with actionable info instead of spamming you with self-promo 20 times a day, unless she's actively in an album cycle.

    4. professormouse


      Katy Perry went up a notch when she ditched that English tit.
      But then she started singing again.
      It's strange the singers you can suddenly like.
      Even just for the one song.....?

  10. Nothing but fan made stuff now - wake me up when someone posts something not doctored ??

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    2. Gilbert


      46 minutes ago, Andymad said:

      Am I the only one not bothered by the fan-made shit? Lol not like theres anything else going on in MadonnaLand these days...

      i agree Andy. and isnt that what a fan forum is for to share Madonna related things whether it is created by a fan or something official. besides, i find many of the fan creations better than a lot of the official. how many of us have said a time or two that fans should be remixing her songs or guiding her career?

      im not sure i get the point of the sub forum for fan stuff when there is little official stuff to post. not only that most official stuff we cant share.  besides most of the fan creations are derivative from what was official. i also find it much easier to find a new thread created from a person who shares a lot then thumbing through a thread looking for the link to someone's creation in between 15 pages of conversation. also you never know if they shared something new without thumbing through pages of threads.

      i dont see the big deal? just skip through what you dont care for. its easy.

    3. stfan97


      Wake me up when we come up with a S&S leg 2 HD video for London :angel:

  11. I cant believe Gaga gets Oscar nominated for playing herself in the dull Star Is Born movie and M gets ignored for Evita ? WTF ? I really hope Close wins - she deserves it way more

  12. Whats this about album leaks ??? Someone just said some song titles and supposed lyrics ? hardly anything to be worried about though :))


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    2. Drum Dub

      Drum Dub

      Maybe this time Estere and Stelle have all the files in their cell phones and are blackmailing their mother in return of jewelry and candies LOL


    3. wtg1987


      Phew ! Thats a relief :) 

  13. Just got my 4 disc Purple Rain re-issue - so excited !!

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    2. wtg1987


      Havent listened to those yet but cant wait - im hoping his other 80s albums will get the same treatment :))

    3. char


      @wtg1987 your so lucky i love prince. Missing him more all the time. And what hurts me. Is all the people came out and saying they miss him(celebs that is) why didn't they say this when he was alive. i think its a shame.

    4. wtg1987


      Exactly - i was devastated last year and still am to this day - i always cry when i listen to purple rain and the beautiful ones :((

  14. Hi - does anyone have this sheet music in mint condition ?

  15. Uploading HMV 2003 Gig for you !! Should be posted in the morning for you xx

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