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Last Madonna song you heard on the radio?

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I heard the radio edit of God Control last week I was shocked

It's not the radio, but I play Madonna all the time at the cafe I work at, and sometimes my coworkers will do the same ;)

I Rise...and it is played almost every day since July at the supermarket where I work!!!

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1 hour ago, wonderboy said:

UGH I miss "Madame X Radio" channel on Sirrus XM, that was lifechanging. I hope they give her a new 24/7 channel when the biopic comes out....

I loved Madame X Radio too. It was one of the best gems to come from this era(or maybe any of her eras). It felt like Christmas every time she talked and reflected on each song. I was so mesmerized and it reminded me of how I become a fan and all the special moments and times along the way. 🙏💃

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On 11/20/2020 at 12:13 AM, scamper said:

That's crazy but yesterday they played "shoo-bee-doo" on the radio station that we were listening at work... I was like WTF? But people (that didn't knew) was like "Oh, it's a nice song"

That's cool. I was wondering if radio stations ever choose deep cuts. My local "oldies" station(which is mostly '80s, and some '70s and early '90s) plays a lot of Madonna, but it's mostly the same handful of hit singles(lots of Material Girl, True Blue, Like a Prayer, and maybe a bit of Borderline, Crazy for You, Into the Groove, Papa Don't Preach) 

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