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The Top Three Madonna VIDEOS That Best Represents Her and Her Career

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Here we go again.

1.Bad Girl: a cinematic, dramatic, erotic mini movie by Mr. Fincher. What else? Louise Oriole is her closest alter ego: high-powered and successful in terms of career, incredibly unlucky in love affairs. A rare example of her most vulnerable and personal side. 

2.Bedtime Story/Frozen: glowing gems in her vaults about synchretism. Bedtime Story summarizes the history of Surrealism in arts, Frozen is a marvelous enigma about religions and eastern cultures. Her artistic manifesto.

3.Dark Ballet: a dystopian and delirious version of Like a Prayer. It takes the original spirit of LAP and reverses it: the attack to the Church is more direct and the most frightning and dramatic aspect of the Roman Catholic Church is showed in all its cruelty. There's no hope, there's not an happy ending. The mirror of the XXI century. A visionary video. Very actual.

Honorable mentions: Drowned World/Substitute for Love, Oh Father: her most personal videos. The mother, the daughter behind the artist. Paradise (Not for Me) video interlude: although it's not a proper video, in my opinion it shows perfectly her ability to channel different concepts in just one art form: this interlude is clearly about death but there are also strong references to Memoirs of a Geisha and Nothing Really Matters

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I'll keep this one short. Fan favourites:

- Jump (showcasing her love and respect for all things Japanese + the depths of her creativity, for sure :P )

- Turn up the radio (The ultimate bitchy cougar? An homage to Sophia Loren? Whatever the case, F*** ageism ;) )

- Give it 2 Me (the goofy and narcissistic Madonna we ADORE. Oh, and let's not forget about the amazing choreography on this video LOL)

you're welcome people. :tongue:

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So in terms of videos that represent Madonna better (the persona, artist, musical sensibilities, humour, sexual self, romantic personality, provocateur, controversial and unapologetic artist, fashion sense), my top 3 would be:

1. Like A Prayer

2. Bitch, I’m Madonna

3. Medellín

Now, the top 3 that best represent her career (Most recognisable “Madonna” videos/ visuals... thinking of videos that are usually played on tv or shared on social media):

1. Like A Virgin

2. Vogue

3. Like a Prayer

(Hung up would be #4 for me)

Bonus: My top 3 faves (these days, anyway):

1. Frozen

2. Don’t Tell Me

3. Medellín

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Standard Videos:

Express Yourself - Madonna's ultimate anthem - Mdolla's beginning 

Like a Prayer - Madonna's most controversial video -Esther's beginning 

Vogue - Pure Magic - Dita's beginning


Live Videos:

GIVE IT 2 Me (Sticky and Sweet) - Fire.... pure fire

Sooner or Later (Academy Awards) - stunning on every level

Music Inferno (Confessions Tour) - so much energy.  Music makes the people come together.

Admittedly, I have not seen one minute of Madame X Tour yet.

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