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JPG X MADONNA exclusive Blond Ambition Tee


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19 minutes ago, honestlyhlf said:

I agree - I work in marketing and do a lot of fundraising outside of work - I think the "stack them high, sell them cheap" (well, cheaper) approach could work really well for raising more funds.

Unfortunately you've got a few factors at play here:

  • Stereotypical "designer" t-shirt markup because it's a JPG collaboration.
  • Additional markup because it's rasing money for Raising Malawi.
  • No concern about the final price tag because they know (well, they think they know) that as a special edition item it'll sell just fine based on past and current purchasing behaviour.

It is a shame! And if I had the money spare I would share the love and get you one :kissy:

Yes dear. "The fame of the name."

But many thanks for your consideration to me. I appreciate when someone here is really concerned to me. I feel like hugged.

So get ur hugs back from Rio, Brazil xxxxxx

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