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First Crush


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Physical Attraction


Over and Over

La Isla Bonita

Look Of Love


Spanish Eyes

Something To Remember 

Rescue Me

Bad Girl



Runaway Lover

Time Stood Still

Nothing Fails


The devil wouldn’t recognize you

Love Spent



Looking for Mercy. 

honorable mentions:

Across The Sky

Has To Be

Joan Of Arc

Tragic Girl


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Hummm for me it started with American Life as the rest I was veryyy young. 👶🏼 But I’ll say my favorite? & some not only one song. 😁


1- Everybody 

2- Love Don’t Live Here Anymore 

3- Live To Tell

4- Spanish Eyes

5- Secret Garden / Erotica / Fever

6- Love Tried To Welcome Me / Bedtime Story

7- To Have & Not To Hold

8- Paradise (Not For Me)

9- Easy Ride

10- Future Lover

11- Dance 2night / Voices 

12- I’m Addicted

13- Devil Pray / Bitch I’m Madonna / Wash All Over Me

14- Finally Enough Love / Ciao Bella



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On 4/11/2021 at 3:47 AM, LikeAMelody said:

1. Holiday 

2. Angel

3. True Blue 

4. Express Yourself

5. Thief Of Hearts

6. Sanctuary

7. Drowned World (Substitute For Love)

8. Impressive Instant

9. Die Another Day

10. Future Lovers

11. Give It 2 Me

12. Love Spent

13. Bitch I'm Madonna

14. Come Alive


This was an interesting exercise as they are not necessarily my favorites. A few I think I am spot on but others I had to really think about and put myself back at that time.  For various reasons these songs were most likely my focus at the time. 

we have a lot in common

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Giving this a try...my first listening, adoring Ones!!!!

1.Physical Attraction

2.Material Girl

3.Where's The Party

4.Causing A Commotion

5.Like A Prayer


7.Rescue Me

8.Bad Girl

9.Human Nature

10.You'll See

11.I'd be Surprisingly Good For You

12.The Power Of Goodbye

13.Don't Tell Me


15.Get Together

16.Miles Away

17.Beautiful Killer

18.Rebel Heart

19.Killers Who Are Partying


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