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Madonna accuses Tory Lanez of copying 'Into The Groove' in his latest track 'Pluto's Last Comet'


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7 minutes ago, deathproof said:

I think it might be a case of interpolation, which is fine for him to do. There still needs to be a credit tho.


7 minutes ago, Angelo said:

Maybe it's a sample and she's joking??? 

That's the point, there would be no problem if credits were given but I don't think M is joking, if she said that then NO credits were given... What a mess omg 

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Song it's good :cute: Wouldn't mind to have another "Frozen" situation with this one, really.

Obviously there's a ("Get" hehe) "Into The Groove" sample there. If it's not legally covered and credited, he's in trouble.

I'm loving this new Madonna samples everywhere wave, to be honest. Keep them coming but pay the original writers, please. :smile:

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1 hour ago, Shoful said:

I love that she thinks it’s called Get Into The Groove:Madonna009:

It's so funny, I think she's called it that before too. We pore over every little detail here and she doesn't even know the title of her own songs ? Makes me worry about the back catalogue reissues, she'll probably miss out entire albums she doesn't remember recording


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