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So..how many M concerts have you ever been to ?

Garry Howieson

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I lived in New Zealand for most of the 80's and came back to the UK in 1992 (missing Blond Ambition), moved back to New Zealand in 2000 (missing Drowned World) before moving back in 2004 but did try to make up for it when I came back.  Tell your stories people....

Sept 25th 2003 - Girlie Show Opening Night Wembley Stadium 

Aug 14th 2004 - Re-Invention MEN Arena Manchester

Aug 18th 2004 - Re-Invention Tour Earls Court Arena London

Aug 29th 2004 - Re-Invention Tour Slane Castle Dublin (Got in the golden Circle, looked at me while singing crazy for you) :)

July 30th 2006 - Confessions Tour Cardiff Millennium Stadium

Nov 9th 2009 - Sticky & Sweet Tour MGM Grand, Las Vegas ($375 a ticket even 14 years ago - my friend called her a thieving whore lol....but at the end she was amazed and said well worth it, but she would....I paid :)). I know she has said she hates playing Sin Ciry, but she was on fire that night :fire:

July 21st 2012 - MDNA Tour Murrayfield Edinburgh 

Dec 20th 2015 - Rebel Heart Tour SEE Hydro Glasgow (late on a Sunday night bitch, making the people miss the last train home, but coming out and singing Holiday and breaking the venue rules when the lights came on and singing acapella). funny as fuck.

2023...Celebration.....well lets see, them prices......funny face 80s GIF






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Jun 30th 1990- Blond Ambition  World Tour Eriksberg Gothenburg, Sweden

Aug 24th 2006- Confessions Tour Horsens Denmark

Aug 9th 2009- Sticky & Sweet Tour Ulevi Gothenburg Sweden (Stood right in front of the stage and had eye contact with Madonna a couple of times. Unreal moments! :) ) P.S. Madonna is incredibly cute in person.

Jul 4th 2012- MDNA Tour Ullevi Gothenburg Sweden

Nov 14th 2015- Rebel Heart Tour Tele2 Arena Stockholm Sweden

Oct 28th 2023- Celebration Tour Tele2 Arena Stockholm Sweden

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September 6th 2008, Rome (Sticky & Sweet)

July 14th 2009, Milan (Sticky & Sweet)

June 14th 2012, Milan (MDNA)

November 21st 2015, Turin (Rebel Heart)

January 21st 2020, Lisbon (Madame X)

November 23rd 2023, Milan (Celebration)


I'm originally from Italy and I always try to see her in Italy with my friends and my sister. The energy from the Italian audience is different, and it just feels so fucking good to hear CIAO ITALIAAAA. I had to chose a foreign city for Madame X, so I went for Lisbon for obvious reasons.

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Reinvention Tour - Atlanta

Sticky & Sweet - Houston (they staged the floor backwards from Ticketmaster and my center aisle seat was on the opposite far side of the stage. In a stadium. Very upset)

Rebel Heart Tour - Miami (originally was slated to be opening night but moved from Sept to January mid-way through the tour)

Madame X - Chicago #1 (4th row)

Madame X - Chicago #2 (3rd row)

Celebration Tour - Pittsburgh (2nd row center off catwalk) (her 40th Anniversary Tour on my 40th Birthday!)

Celebration Tour - Dallas, TX #1 (5th row to the side of the catwalk)

Celebration Tour - Dallas, TX #2 (2nd row center off catwalk)




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I'm in Australia and didn't start travelling to see M until 2015 as had mortgages and work contracts and also no international travel experience lol 

I did always buy the tour merch and collect tickets from all the tours I have missed too 

So I have seen:

1993 The Girlie Show, Brisbane, Australia

2015 Rebel Heart Tour - London x 2, Birmingham x 1, Paris x 1

2016 Tears Of A Clown, Melbourne, Australia

2016 Rebel Heart Tour - Melbourne x 2, Brisbane x 2, Sydney x 2

2020 Madame X - London x 2 and my Paris show was cancelled due to injury

And I'm booked for London x 4 this October 

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Drowned World Tour - Barcelona:

9th & 10th June 2001

Drowned World Tour - London:

4th July 2001

Re-Invention World Tour - Paris:

1st, 2nd & 5th September 2004

Confessions Tour - Rome:

6th August 2006

Sticky & Sweet Tour - Rome:

6th September 2008

Sticky & Sweet Tour - Barcelona:

21st July 2009

MDNA Tour - Barcelona:

20th & 21st June 2012

Rebel Heart Tour - Barcelona:

24th & 25th November 2015

Madame X Tour - Lisbon:

23rd January 2020

Madame X Tour - London:

1st & 13th February 2020

Madame X Tour - Paris:

29th February 2020


Barcelona - 1st & 2nd November 2023

Lisbon - 6th & 7th November 2023

Berlin - 28th & 29th November 2023

London - 6th December 2023




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1. Girlie Show - Skydome Toronto

2. ReInvention Tour x 2 - Toronto Air Canada Center

3. Confessions Tour - Montreal, Bell CentrE

4. Sticky and Sweet x 2 - Toronto, Air Canada Center

5. MDNA x 2 - Toronto, Air Canada Center

6. Rebel Heart Tour x 2 - Toronto, Air Canada Center

7. Madame X - NY, Brooklyn

8. Celebration Tour x 2 - Toronto, Air Canada Center

So 13 Times lol

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Drowned World Tour 13th June 2001 Milan

ReInvention Tour 13th September 2004 Lisbon

Confessions Tour 6th August 2006 Rome

Sticky & Sweet Tour 26th August 2008 Nice

Sticky & Sweet Tour 16th July 2009 Udine

MDNA Tour 14th June 2012 Milan

MDNA Tour 28th June 2012 Berlin 

Rebel Heart Tour 10th November 2015 Berlin

Madame X Tour 22nd January 2020 Lisbon CANCELLED


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Who's That Girl Tour - Pontiac

Blond Ambition Tour (night 2) - Detroit 

The Girlie Show - Detroit 

Drowned World Tour (both nights) - Philadelphia 

Drowned World Tour (night 1) - Detroit 

Re-Invention Tour (night 1) - Chicago 

Confessions Tour (night 1) - Chicago 

Sticky & Sweet Tour - Miami 

MDNA Tour (night 2) - Miami 

Rebel Heart Tour - Detroit 

Rebel Heart Tour (night 1) - Miami 


Was supposed to see Madame X Tour in Chicago but had to cancel due to injury. 

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