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1 minute ago, proxy said:

You think every Madonna fan is streaming her music, especially the older one, you're optimistic :Madonna009:

I don’t have any streaming service. I listen to my music on vinyl usually or YouTube (but I don’t have a subscription)

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1 minute ago, deathproof said:

But why are you saying it’s making the rounds?????

Sorry I shouldn’t have said that. When I get some insight is usually is minutes before or simultaneously as everyone else, if it was the case we all should have heard it by now. My bad 

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9 hours ago, dankpepe said:

Maybe those sources aren't familiar with Human Nature (so to them it's a new song). It probably is a Human Nature remix with some new lyrics. Another forum I read said Madonna's part is mostly spoken words

Yeah this could unfortunately be possible, as the idea that the Weekend collaborated with M on a new LAP remix. 

It would be disapponiting, especially after the massacre made of Hung Up, Frozen and the Material Girl concept, if this is gonna be on the same track ...

11 hours ago, Askeroff said:

why you so sure that Martin cant be one of the producers or writers in this song too

he was work many times with Ilya who is supposed to be one of production team  of this song   :eyes:

I'm not sure obviously, I just thought so, having Martin paralleled his track with the 80s sound and this is told to have more a 90s vibe

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9 hours ago, Enrico said:

Well, at least Ingrid should know it.

Anyway, I learnt not to have any expectation from M anymore. So I will expect a 2 minutes long Sicksick remix of Human Nature with M just talking "express yourself don't repress yourself" using her 1994 recording.

My thoughts exactly. With Sam Smith grunting about ‘daddies’ in the garage over it all. 

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7 hours ago, Adriabs said:

I'm SO excited!! I went to their show a couple weeks ago and their rendition of Human Nature was spectacular, performance art at its finest for me! 

I saw the concert in Vienna last week, it was great and I really liked "Human Nature"

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