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10 Best Touring Performances


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What would be your 10 best live moments of Madonna on tour since her debut? (tour only)

here are mine

- Into the groove - WTG tour

- Who's that Girl WTG tour 

- Express Yourself - BAT

- Oh father - BAT

- Keep it together - BAT

- Impressive Instant - DWT 

- Paradise not for me - CT 

- Erotica - CT

- Girl Gone Wild - MDNA tour

- Celebration - MDNA tour


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Ok top 10 in no order:

- Like A Prayer (BAT)

- Fever (GS)

- Die Another Day (RIT)

- Vogue (RIT)

- Erotica (CT)

- Get Together (CT)

- Hung Up (CT)

- Girl Gone Wild (MDNAT)

- Future (MXT)

- Killers Who Are Partying (MXT)

- Extreme Occident (MXT)

Ok I know that’s 11 but I couldn’t resist added one more 

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Impressive Instant (DWT) >>>

Hung Up (CT)

Like a Virgin (CT) 

Erotica (CT) 

Vogue (S&S) 

La Isla Bonita (S&S) 

Like a Prayer (S&S) 

Girl Gone Wild (MDNAT) 

Celebration (MDNAT) 

Frozen (MXT) 

DWT and S&S probably have the most performances I go crazy for tbh, they barely miss the top 10 I guess! 

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The look of love wtg 

express yourself ba

like a prayer ba

live to tell/oh father ba

keep it together ba

whys it so hard gs

la Isla Bonita gs

justify my love gs

Drowned world dwt 

paradise ct

nah scrap that, it can’t be done, I haven’t even reached favourites from S&s, mdna, rebel heart and Madame x yet! Impossible task!


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In no particular order:

1.) Into the Groove, WTG

2.) Where's the Party?, BAT

3.) Like a Prayer, BAT

4.) Vogue, GS

5.) Justify My Love, GS (arguably the most theatrical performance a pop girl has ever done)

6.) Impressive Instant, DW

7.) Nobody Knows Me, RIT

8.) Music, CT (one of the highlights of her entire career)

9.) Erotica/You Thrill Me, CT (one of her finest pieces of work)

10.) Girl Gone Wild, MDNA

There are many more, like Like a Virgin (BAT), Live to Tell (CT), La Isla Bonita (CT), Like a Prayer (S&S), Hollywood (RIT; I know it's just an interlude, but I've always loved it, it's one of the highlights of that tour for me), but these are the first ten that came to mind.

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No Particular Order

Dress You Up  TVT

Erotica/You Thrill Me CT 

Vogue BAT

Keep it Together BAT

Express Yoursel BAT/GS

Like a Prayer RIT/BAT

Lucky Star WTG/TVT

Causing A Commotion WTG/BAT

Frozen DWT

La Isla Bonita WTG /GS /DWT

Into the Groove TVT/WTG/BAT/RIT





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In no particular order:

Vogue- RIT (and honorable mention to every other performance of this song. Every version from the last 30 years is flawless)

Erotica- Confessions

Impressive Instant - DWT

Dress You Up - Virgin Tour

The Look of Love- WTG Tour

La Isla Bonita- DWT

Justify My Love- Girlie Show

Like a Vigin- BAT

Like a Prayer- BAT

*honorable mention to Bedtime Story (RIT video and Brit Awards) and The Beast Within (RIT video)

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I think these are her top-ten perfomances that anyone could enjoy, even non-fans or people who don't know much about her:

  1. Express Yourself - Blond Ambition Tour
  2. Erotica - Confessions Tour
  3. Vogue - Sticky & Sweet Tour
  4. Future Lovers - Confessions Tour
  5. Holiday - Blond Ambition Tour
  6. Like a Prayer - Blond Ambition Tour
  7. Sky Fits Heaven - Drowned World Tour
  8. Into the Groove - Sticky & Sweet Tour
  9. Live To Tell - Confessions Tour
  10. Open Your Heart - The MDNA Tour

Extra: Lament - Re-Invention Tour

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Mine in any order:


01. Like A Prayer - Blond Ambition Tour

02. Like A Virgin - Blond Ambition Tour

03. Mer Girl/ Sky Fits Heaven - Drowned World Tour

04. Sorry - Confessions Tour

05. Holy Water/Vogue - Rebel Heart Tour

06. Deeper and Deeper - The Girlie Show Tour

07. The Look of Love - Who's That Girl

08. Everybody - The Virgin Tour

09. Gang Bang - MDNA Tour

10. American Life - Reinvention Tour

Bonus: She's Not Me - Sticky & Sweet Tour


Well, 10s are not enough honestly, there are more...

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In no order and limited to the tours I have seen myself (with the exception of ITTG from WTG our), which is why there is nothing from the Blond Ambition masterpiece

Frozen MXT

Devil Wouldn’t Recognise You S&S

Justify My Love GS

Into The Groove - WTG

Ray of Light - CT

Human Nature - MXT

Everybody - GS

Love Don't Live Here Anymore - Rebel Heart

Into The Groove - S&S

La isla Bonita - S&S

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1. Express Yourself - Blond Ambition Tour 

2. Vogue - Re-Invention Tour 

3. Dress You Up - The Virgin Tour 

4. Nobody Knows Me - Re-Invention Tour 

5. La Isla Bonita - The Girlie Show 

6. Like a Prayer - Blond Ambition Tour 

7. Justify My Love - The Girlie Show 

8. Girl Gone Wild - MDNA Tour

9. Music - Drowned World Tour 

10. Into The Groove - Who's That Girl Tour 

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