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Everybody - 40th Anniversary release

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I would think a totally re-release with a fresh new version would be cool.  The song didn't resonate much with the general public back in the day, but here is a chance to try to do so.  Not that I think, it would be a huge hit today, but why not try to re-release it, even for fun?  It's a great song with a great simple message. 

Stuart Price's version was awesome, so I would think having him on board for a new version would work.  I'm sure there are more current remixers that would make it work for the current music population, but I suspect some of the fan base would despise it, especially if she added a hip hop or R&B artist to it.  But hey, I'm open for whatever gives the song more attention. 

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On 8/13/2022 at 9:28 AM, Fabiolous said:

I'd be disappointed if the first announcement is a re-issue of this very average song. I guess a digital EP is enough for this, and have a bigger celebration next year for the first album anniversary. 

I definitely don't want this instead of an album re-issue this autumn

That 'very average song' as you describe it, kicked off an extraordinary 40 year career, it's very likely it will be celebrated next 

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