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M15 - The New Album


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12 minutes ago, Simonsays said:

im happy about this , i think he is talented , have you heard his other work ..if its original and new i think it could be something good - i hope its not another rework of one of her hits - she is barely on them and this is my biggest problem with the new remixes - i want a new song :) - im kinda happy its not mike dean or is he there too ? lol 

Yea I’m just being dramatic haha. I will remain optimistic because chances are I’ll like what she puts out as long as she’s on it unlike the remixes 

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Like many of us when i saw she was in studio possibly making new music i was excited, then she posted that she was with Sickick and again like many of us i was like "hum ok..." but i decided to check out his music because i didn't know anything exept the Frozen remix. I first checked his Spotify and then his Youtube channel (You will find different tracks) and i have been pleasantly surpised. The guy is versatile and also make good uptempo/dancey tracks. As someone mentionned above, he makes me think of new young Mirwais. He's testing lots of electro sounds, makes mid/slow tempo tracks and also some uptempo/upbeat. By the way, the same day M has posted the studio pics, she also put Mirwais band track "Cherchez le garçon" in the video (That's no accident). Who knows maybe she will even work with both of them ! Anyway, now i do believe they can create something really good together and i'm confident.

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