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The Celebration Tour (Spoilers)


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In November I posted here that a bank had closed the sponsorship for Madonna's concert in Brazil. After these months, you are following the immense campaign of Itaú throughout the country with our Madonna...

And now we have more to tell: the campaign is linked to a Madonna concert in Brazil, in MAY. Yes, my loves, the CELEBRATION tour will be finished in Brazil and the official announcement will come out soon.

We have more details, but we will post them on Monday at 8pm. Stay tuned!


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On 3/3/2024 at 9:55 PM, Rebel Hugo said:

I heard about the first 4 shows in London doing the rounds 👀

They’re fakes :kiss2: everything is under lock for this era afaik. Same goes for any studio versions some fans with a little too much time to waste are trying to offer around.

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3 hours ago, RUADJAI said:

I love at 2:20 she goes to grab the hat, but the dancer doesn’t have it on. So she grabs an imaginary hat and says ”it’s OK”

Something happened at the end of DAD that one of the dancers didn’t pass the microphone to her it was a matter of seconds but fun to watch her face go “where the f is my mic” 🤣

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I'll happily eat my words if it happens but...I really don't see this Brazil thing being legit. 

DrownedMadonna was adamant that there were no current plans set up for any shows in South America and while it's always possible to add dates later, if the show is supposedly in May then there would 100% be plans in place now. It's also true DrownedMadonna isn't all knowing but there are other questions to consider about this rumor. 

Namely...where is the show going to be? There are not very many arenas in the country capable of handling this tour, but at the same time this stage isn't going to work in a stadium. Is the show being downsized? Upscaled? Different stage in Brazil altogether? Have they found a way to make it fit into one of these venues? 

I just see a lot of questions hanging over this, and no answers from any reliable sources. In fact the most reliable source out there that has ever made mention of a Brazil show only mentioned it to say it was not going to happen. 

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