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Single Reissues Campaign - Angel - OUT NOW


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2 minutes ago, animalinstinct said:

Nope. Not official. That's a promotional platform for musicians.

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32 minutes ago, Prayer said:

That cover...

Well, at least it will be something. Praying for the album reissue announcement too.

Audio previews in 20 minutes on Apple Music NZ once it's already out there, I guess:


A step in the right direction: remastered but not with the dynamic range compressed like Gambler or Everybody (at least in the sample). Now we have the mythical 7'' from a digital source. :whip:


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8 minutes ago, Aiwa08 said:

Waiting for "Live to Hell". 


HAHAHA never seen this one before. Love it.

The audio previews of "Lucky Star" sound certainly good, somehow remastered but not too loud. Definitely not "Everybody" and "Gambler" s**t levels.

Also, the album version and the "U.S. Remix" are new remasters, not the versions already on the 2001 remaster... :eyes:

Is "Madonna 40" really coming or is it just coincidence?

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Just now, Curator said:

Would have been cool to use this cover


It's certainly better - and in tone with the music video.

I don't like they one they've used but it's official - and the picture it's good and somehow iconic, since it was "The First Album" reissue cover in Europe and Australia:


The other option would have been this other official cover:


Also terrible xd

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  • Jackie changed the title to Single Reissues Campaign - Angel - OUT NOW

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