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5 minutes ago, androiduser said:

and Madonna was doing it "just for fun", and as "a gift for her fans", and "a favor to Sam" ... "it was never meant to be anything more"  :eyes:

She doesn’t need a chart hit anyway, she’s got nothing to prove, she’s sold 3 times more than Kylie and what is a Dua Lipa? I couldn’t name any of their songs

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1 hour ago, Starchild said:

I'm going to add more non-facts to this thread by expressing the below...

Remember when Sam Smith globally embarassed himself/themselves in 2016 due to his/their Oscars faux pas?

I suspect that any LGBTQI+ statements he has/they have made since have been over-compensation for that.

Has anyone else every sensed that?

Yey let's bring back the arguments everybody forgot in order to hate somebody who's being incessantly harrassed for years.

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27 minutes ago, Blue Jean said:

Honey Little Feat. Bugged Out & Sweet Madonna the debut single ‘It’s Fantastic (I Love It)’


I am not a musician but I want to be part of making this song! Bugged or/and Sweet are you fellas musicians?

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