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The Celebration Tour (Spoilers)


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18 hours ago, chaosmen1984mk said:

Are you talking seriously? Okay. I respect your opinion, although I think we've all seen the video and Madonna doesn't drop any of her shoes, but rather she intentionally throws them and then retrieves them long before rolling on the floor showing parts of her body that were prohibited from being shown in those antiquated years.

On the other hand, I am sure that if Madonna wanted to reward her best fan in this forum, she would surely reward you for being the most positive, creative and tenacious fan when it comes to defending her and avoiding at all costs that she ends up badly in all kinds of situations presenting excuses, hypotheses or theories that surely end up convincing many.

I love how you twist things around to make it personal.  I just offered an opinion on what she's probably thinking and remembering.  So then you assume, this is about me being only a "positive... tenacious fan"  (which I won't apologize for trying to be) when in actuality, I am offering a logical reasoning behind the stories she tells. You seem to think that what we see, must be the only thing that happened during the performance, so that is what she should exactly remember.  When in actuality, we never see all the rehearsals and mishaps that happen backstage or before the actual performance.  This is what I am referring to in what she's remembering as well.  So of course, she might mix things up.  We only remember what we see.  She remembers all the things that happened before, in between and afterwards.  We may know a lot about her career, but it doesn't mean we know everything.  We have to keep in mind there are many encounters, gigs and experiences she had beyond what we've seen or before becoming famous that never were recorded, filmed or talked about. What we think of as her "firsts" may not be "firsts" for her. 

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