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3 hours ago, Sultrysully said:

I was in Boston and the fans requested Cherish.   She said "Oh hell no" and took another request.  Ended up with American Life.  

She probably will not sing any  song that´s been absent from her post 2000 tours. She will do celebration, lap, vogue, la isla bonita again and maybe american life, for sure holiday but no cherish, take a bow, used to be my playground or The power of goodbye.

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4 hours ago, teammadonna said:

She looks fantastic young and beautiful! I love these pictures so much! Her red hair reminds me of Mary Queen of Scotland. She looks truly fantastic and truly amazing! I just love these photos!!! I can see that the popcorn diet is working!! 



She really really does, it´s amazing.

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3 hours ago, teammadonna said:

Beautiful red hair and her silky beautiful skin.. OH MY GOD!! Everything is perfect! just pure perfection! Look at her beautiful, voluminous chest like a Goddess! She just looks truly amazing in those photos! I love it! truly Amazing!



Yeah, isn´t it amazing? I think she is beautiful. I love it too.

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