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MATERIAL GWORLLLL (Saucy Santana and Madonna)


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Seems like there's no promo about it other than Saucy talking about the remix and performing it live on a Spotify Interview.

To reiterate: sumn's not right at all.

And that's with 4 A's, 8 O's and 3 L's.



But we shall see. Hopefully it's true. I wanna feel rich in the midst of being a broke bitch. 

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22 minutes ago, Davido said:

On the same day as Beyonce's new album... it will get swallowed and completely overlooked if that's the case. Shame because I actually really like it!

(Especially when the Beyhive dragged Saucy not too long ago)

Hopefully there’s a social campaign from both artists. I want everyone to know about this collab!!

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2 hours ago, Shoful said:

Ready for that 20 times. And “if this is digital only I can’t listen to it” “whens the physical disc coming” “where’s the vhs tape for a video” “will this be the new frozen” “meow meow meow again” 

That should clear the first page of replies :Madonna003:

Eff that I want it on cassette!!

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