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Finally Enough Love: 50 Number Ones

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I think it would be amazing if they would dig up unreleased mixes and/or update the old songs with new dancey remixes like the unreleased Thunderpuss megamix that featured hot updates like Erotica, Take a Bow, Deeper and Deeper... 


But I guess it's like we all think... Probably HoneyDijon is gonna remix/update the 80s hits (cause most of them had just extended and album versions), and from mid-90s onwards use the existing remixes of DJ's and blend them all together in a continuous 1:30 hour megamix, which would be so interesting to hear!


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Greatest hits are also a compilation of "Best of" the artist, especially for those artists with very long careers who can't, of course, get still the same success as before. The last songs would have worked in a regular greatest hits too imp, and maybe we will still get one before the film who knows 

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2 hours ago, beautifulkiller said:

Has it been confirmed that this is the title ? i agree though i hope she does not use this 


2 hours ago, Brendanlovesu1 said:

We don't know what the title is. But she's used Remix Revolution on her IG stories

Didn't "Remix Revolution" come from a fan and she's just reposted it?

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