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Don't tell me that Madonna saved your life and then....

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9 minutes ago, Sultrysully said:

Don't tell me that Madonna saved your life in the 80's...90's... or 2000's and then illegally download her music.  Support the artist.  Shit... Don't suck!

Yes, because the multi-millionaire that doesn't care about you is in dire need of money...

Sounds like zombie worker ants feeding their "queen" ant.

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I've been a fan more or less since the beginning, but Madonna for sure never saved my life...I did that myself, and a few very close people who were there to give support helped...

I however spent a shitload of money buying music, going to concerts etc. etc... and supporting Madonna that way...

Madonna has got a lot of support from her fans in close to 4 decades... not sure I will feel any guilt about downloading some things.

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There’s more ways to support an artist than paying for digital files. 
For example I spent hundreds of dollars on FEL records and merch. Are you telling me I’m not supporting the artist if I illegally download the digital high res album?

Also you forget that with streaming anytime you play a song you’re supporting the artist

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