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Courtney Love shades Madonna and more

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Courtney Love, left, and Taylor Swift



Courtney Love has a new radio show about women in music, but she is not much of a fan of several of the biggest female artists of our time


Taylor is not important,” Love said of Swift. “She might be a safe space for girls, and she’s probably the Madonna of now, but she’s not interesting as an artist.”


Not even the aforementioned Madonna was spared Love’s criticism.


“I don’t like her and she doesn’t like me,” Love said. “I loved [Madonna’s 1985 film] ‘Desperately Seeking Susan,’ but for the city of New York as much as her.”


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She didn't said anything rude or bad

In dinosaurs era people called that thing "opinion" something that today stars is completely missing

everybody play safe and afraid of cancel culture or others fan bases reaction

rock n roll is dead 

courtney love makeup GIF

That noise only makes me want to me listen "America's Sweetheart" once again

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Courtney Love namedropping to get attention. Nothing new there. It's her brand. It used to be Gwen Stefani when she was popular. 

Courtney Love is such a toxic person her mother abandonned her to go live abroad with her other kids, her father hated her so much he launched and entertained the rumour about her having had Kurt killed, her daughter left her to go live with her paternal grandmother and her husband chose death over her. And all her past collaborators and friends have falling out with her. 

She has not released a good album in 30 years. The last decent one was in 1998. For someone who was always bragging about authenticity and posers, she's the biggest poser ever. She did that putrid solo album and tried to attach herself to The Strokes, THE rock band at the time, who did not care (even when her ex buddy Drew Barrymore was dating a member of the band). Then she did these beautiful rehab demos with Billy Corgan and Linda Perry but she did not want to share credits with them, Alan McGee wanted to relese the album but backed out because of this. So she tried to self release it on the internet via a Tampax sponsorship on their website but credits were asked again so she removed it. She finally decided to rework them with Marilyn Manson's producer and totally destroyed their beauty to release a fake Hole album with them but Hole without Eric Erlandson is nothing and she had a fall out with him for the same reason she's faing out with everybody, she's a two faced (even thousand if you count plastic surgery) backstabbing psycho. That's when i stopped being a huge fan, the ball dropped. Sw her at Le Bataclan, she could not sing anymore, she could not play guitar, she was not even drunk or high, she was pathetic, a fallen icon left without all the artifice brought in by people she sucked the life off. She was trying to strum her guitar and kept missing chords, watching them, then the voice was hoarse like a deaf drunken sailor. Her band, young men in designer grunge like clothes, looked like amateurs from Beverly High. The music was gone, the king was naked, what we had left was a professional widow living off her husband's money, doing interviews to namedrop labels she wears, famous people she knows and the wonderful things they say about her "Oh Michael Stipe always says i'm..." and relevant people of the moment she trashes to get attention, just before Swift and after Gwen Stefani, it was Katy Perry. She's not  feminist, she attacks other women whom are more popular than she'll ever be. She was like that i high school already when she looked like the fat blonde kid from Family Ties. Now she hangs out with Kris Jenner and licks Elon Musk's ass. The BBC gave her a serie for unknown reasons, maybe an old fan from the 90's is programming. She's talked about women in music who inspired her but she's mostly talking about herself, about how Marlon Brando could be her grandpa. She talks about these brilliant women as a way to level with them, like a vampire, basking in their glory. She's not in their league. She's in no league. She's a junkie with too much money and ego. Only people who know nothing about punk rock and rock n roll would give her the time of the day. She' s a celebrity who used to have a band. There's no Courtney Love interview, EVER, where she does not name drops or talks about fashion labels. Real punk rocker are Kim Gordon (who hates her guts) Kim Deal, girls from L7, Bikini Kill, girls from the band she joined before Hole, Babes in Toyland (the one Madonna wanted to sign on Maverick not Courtney on her own) she tried to run and they fired her (just line Faith No More did) after years of hanging out around rock bands, trying to fuck her way in the music industry, harrassing Trent Reznor and Axl Rose, she finally found a sexually confused soft man  she could use her way and manipulate, his nose was what made him the winner over Billy Corgan becuse she wnted to sire  a child and did not want it to inherit the schnozer her father gave her. 

She used to be Lana Del Rey biggest fan and friend, posed with her, used her in the press to be relevant to a younger audience but i guess, from what she says about her in this interview, it's over. She also says Debbie Harry was just pretty which is sexist when Harry is a brilliant lyricist that is outrageously overlooked because of sexism. And Madonna never trusted her, Courtney litterally stalked her, was obsessed with her, Kurt said it, Christopher Ciccone said it, Madonna said it, Courtney said it. Especially after Kurt died, she used to call Madonna for advices then turned on her. She tried to bed Guy O. desperately. Madonna simply ignores her because she can't be trusted. Courtney fumed because she ignored her at Tears of a Clown at Art Basel.

So yeah, a long essay because i used to be a fan and then one day i realized Courtney Love was an empty shell. But i still dig Pretty on the Inside and Live through this is a major album in music history, Celebrity Skin was half good with great singles. She did not deserve to be vilified and have this horrible rumour about killing Kurt, especially when she was grieving and grieving under the public eye. But she's not a good person and she's not a great artist. She used to be a great celebrity though but her usual tricks are old now and irrelevant to the times.

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I haven't listened to her since Celebrity Skin in which I liked some songs even though I simultaneously felt like it was a sell out album being that the production sounded so clean and polished compared to Live Through This which is a fucking masterpiece. 

Saying she doesn't like Madonna is like .... who cares??!

But saying Taylor is the Madonna of now is mad ignorant. 


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Courtney Love was fan girling at Tears of a Clown in Miami —  what is she talking about?! 

Courtney Love is certainly using her usual tactics to cause noise, and it’s working. All of her albums are brilliant, especially American’s Sweetheart; however, she has used some brilliant artists to make those albums what they were. 

I won’t make an essay on this topic lol but unlike a lot of artists of today, she made something quite remarkable out of herself, even if she’s fucked it all up and made it the way she is. 

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To be fair, she didn't diss Madonna - I've not listened, but the quote 'I don't like her and she doesn't like me' - is just a statement - whether true or not.

Now, her dissing Taylor that's gold lol - She does have a point, maybe, Taylor is the Madonna of the now in terms of popularity - but she's certainly not in terms of cultural influences or breaking down barriers!

She's also right - Music now is very manufactured to be 'on brand' - but it's always been that case since the invention of 'girl/boy/they/them groups' - the only difference now, is you are the brand - and in a way, Britney was the template (I love Britney) - by that I mean, image, music etc was very controlled to fit a mould, a narrative.

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Well, in regards to TS, she is correct. Courtney has been correct a lot of the times. She taught us about Harvey, and she introduced and named “trolls” online, and was the first person to get sued from a Tweet — Courtney is Brilliant. She is her own enemy tho. 

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I agree... I don't see it as "shade". She simply stated a matter of fact.  She didn't really carry on about it all.  She simply stated such.  I don't believe she was just name dropping either. Many celebrities are always questioned and steered into answering a certain way.  Of course, the media will find a way to put a magnifying glass under what is said, and then some fans will put their own spin on it all. 

I like Courtney.  Or at least I did!  She's a mess, but she doesn't pretend she's not.  She's very authentic and doesn't mince words.  I'm sure Courtney nor Madonna sit around thinking about each other.  In fact, I'm sure the us carrying on in this thread has spent more time than both Madonna and Courtney ever thought about one another. But let's keep in mind, even in 1995, Madonna was able to keep it respectful with Courtney during that notorious VMA collision. :)

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