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Express Yourself music video upscale

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Um, “the room is full of hotties so I’m checking out the bodies” like dang. Her face. The men. I usually hate this video because it was so hard to watch and in turn I usually never really looked at it real good. This was a treat. 

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I wouldn't say it's terrible but it's definitely "a choice" with contrast and colour. Some scenes look a little bit plastic with the upscaling. But it's better than the SD version that was uploaded before, that was truly bad.

I guess this is why they're not updating more 80s videos yet: if the best source available is the SD master results can be... simply not that good? Or just OK. Maybe that's why we're still waiting for the "Like A Prayer" official upscale.

Here's the original "Express Yourself" 5 minute remix video (I think):


That grainy, movie "soft" look was part of the original, right? They completely erased that with contrast on the remaster.

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I don’t understand why everyone is so damn whiny!!

I work with video for a living and this is a great upscale (the first decent one we got). It’s true that they went a bit crazy with the smoothing but nothing too bad. It looks great on my phone screen and also on my huge HD projector screen.

The video is meant to be somewhat blurry and the digital transfer is not the best so unless they retransfer from the original tapes this is as good as an upscale video can get.

Also they did go through the trouble of finding the original version which has much more detail then the contrasty one that first surfaced on the Immaculate DVD.

Unfortunately they used a reconstructed edit for the audio instead of the original video version

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