What three songs are a "must" for you on a New Madonna Tour?

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Its funny, after BA, i remember being so disappointed on reading the setlist for the up & coming Girlie Show in Smash Hits magazine. No Like a Prayer? No Open Your Heart, Live To Tell or Material Girl. How is that going to work i asked myself ? I was given one GS boot in the knackers and i chose never to question her choices again ... Oh wait....no never. 

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My 3 are dependent upon what she's been doing. I think the best thing about a new Madonna concert is when she does songs she doesn't usually do.

If you guys can remember after Ray of Light she was always trash talking her earlier hits. I never thought I would hear some of these songs live again. Then she did MUSIC and the Drowned World Tour... and then came the Reinvention Tour and I heard those words.... "what are you looking AT!?"   VOGUE ... Finally!!!   To me that is what made it so special. To a lesser degree... Like a prayer and Hanky Panky which she hadn't done since 1990 and it would be my first time hearing those live. 


So as much as I love Vogue and Like a Prayer and Human Nature... they really need a rest for me to have a need to hear them live again. 

I would choose...


Impressive Instant

Get Together

Why's it so Hard

You'll See


Beautiful Stranger



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