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Madame X Tour DVD

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14 minutes ago, lucasciccone said:

Wait what if she's saying october for the physical release but we actually are getting it before for streaming


(we wish)

In a perfect world one would think shed be so... generous. But hey, a release window is a release window. Can't promise my hype will be there still but I'll get the popcorn out regardless

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18 minutes ago, RUADJAI said:

So I have to try and keep myself alive until October? 

No girl, u just have to come alive, come aliiiave, come alive come aliiive, come alive, cum aliiive, cum alive, cum-a. 

whatever that means, dad.

madame x and Halloween kills in the same month. I need to lay down.0

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23 minutes ago, Askeroff said:

Well i don't expect ,  that bitch will say

..So , finally i've done my work!

U must Go now to ur car and find ur local itunes store with MX  tour exclusive only on VHS waiting for you on shelves.


And yes baby, my new album is also there ...

And yes baby it' s a visual double album .

Love M.


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