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The Celebration Tour (Spoilers)


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2 hours ago, EgoRod said:


These are the almost ending and the proper ending:


I've changed my mind about the ending after watching this.  We all judged it on the basis of a distanced insta live with people singing over it. Makes total sense to me seeing all the madonnas dance together and interact.  The attitude fits - yeah I did all these amazing things in my career but I'm still that girl.  Bitch.  I'm Madonna! ❤️

(I just hope we all get to see it in full!)

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38 minutes ago, Voguerista said:

I’ve never been a fan of Candy Shop but then she performed it like this. She’s made me eat my words a lot over the years. I learned the hard way to never discount anything. And I do love that she’s not bending to her fans on it. Whether we like it or not, she’s going to do what she wants.  I love that about her. And it’s a good lesson for everyone to do what you want in your careers etc. even if many don’t agree! 


SAME, this totally sold it to me!! Wish the album version sounded like this, that was always my issue, not enough meat in the production!! 

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1 hour ago, Dazedmadonna said:

Papa Don't Preach was at some point rehearsed in full (well, not completely in full, but not just a string arrangement) but having 4 "complete" True Blue songs on the tour was not gonna cut it IMO. 

I might compile a list of what songs and elements didn't make the tour if anyone has any interest in it, I don't see the problem. :)

And thank you for your words, it's a fun time to be a Madonna fan! :kitty:

Yes 💦

Oh I was waiting for this 🤤

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I'm not sold on I Will Survive, sorry.

It's crap with that acoustic arrangement and she has more hits that desperately needed to be included over that and DCFMA. I would have preferred if it was incorporated with a string arrangement in some other song like Die Another Day or at the start of Sorry.

I really love a lot of parts of the show and there really isn't much for me to complain about but if I were in charge, I would definitely re-arrange a few things here and there, so it doesn't look too much all over the place.

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Loved the setlist but she could have added some snippets of other songs in some performances to include the whole repertoire, like a lil snippet of candy shop, especially the my sugar is raw in erotica, Express yourself/deeper and deeper snippets at the Voguing/ballroom section. Some living for love vocals in the Living intro, even with girl gone wild at the virgin mary intro, Also Music and give it to me with a full celebration performed, similar to MDNA. I think frozen will be performed after or before Rain coz, the outfit, the fans, the backdrop is about frozen. The only part I feel kinda messy is the acoustic I will survive/la isla bonita/DCFMA, its no cohesive, aslo hung up in the middle of JML and Bad girl, it could be better placed as the closing song for the Bedtime Story, Ray of light, "00´s" section with that silver outfit dancing hung up.

Like this:

I. 80s section
Bob/Lucky Star/material Girl Intro video.
Nothing Really Matters
Everybody (I love new york backtrack)
Into the Hollywood Groove
Burning Up
Open You Heart (heartbeat snippets)
Live To Tell (in this life intro)
Virgin Mary /Girl gone wild
Act Of Contrition / Unholy
Like a Prayer

II. 90s section
Living for love
Erotica / You Thrill Me (candy shop snippet)
Justify My Love
Papa Dont Preach Outro
Fever Snippet
Piano Intro/Bad Girl 
Up Down Suite Intro
Express yourself (deeper and deeper snippet)
Break My Soul (Queens Remix)
Human Nature/Crazy for you

IV. Acoustic
The Beast Within
Die Another Day
Don't Tell Me
Mother and Father/Oh Father
I Will Survive (cover)
La Isla Bonita/Don't Cry For Me Argentina

V.Future Section
Dont search I find/ Madonna Interlude
Bedtime Story
Ray Of Light
Hung Up On Tokischa
Hung up

VI. 1000 Madonnas Section
Like a Virgin/Billie jean Interlude
Bitch I'm Madonna / Give Me All Your Luvin'
Celebration/Music/Give it 2 me Mash up


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1 hour ago, steady75 said:

She doesn't really do a full change between Nothing Really Matters and Everybody she just takes the Bin bags off and quick wig swap. 

The Gaultier Bin Bags! I noticed that the gown matches the outfit she wears later in Vogue. In the kimono there are two circles cut rounded with stones and those circles are replicated with the jacket she wears with the pointy corset, the holes leave the bustier pop out. Also same fabric.

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6 hours ago, True Blue 84 said:

So wrong,  Blonde Ambition was definiteley live most  part of the show, only Vogue , Express yourself ( some shows) and maybe Where is the party were lipped. Sure some songs had a backing track in some parts but still live.

And celebration tour is definiteley not a playback show, you can clearly hear her singing on alot of the songs. Singing live to a backing track is still singing live. People act like she can't sing, i mean have you heard I will survive , and the Little Star accapella (1st night) she sounded amazing. 


And that video posted above were she cough, you can clearly hear her voice getting louder when she starts singing again over the backing track. 

I agree I was just saying that she use to mixed playback and live songs since Blond ambition so I don’t understand the drama.

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After watching many videos of the show, I can definitely say that I loved it. However, it’s not perfect and could be much better with some tweaks, in my opinion.

Main issues: the narrative is not always clear, there are some very anticlimactic moments (Papa Don’t Preach, Human Nature, Crazy For You, La Isla Bonita), The Beast Within interlude (again???!!!) and the closure.

I would start the show in the future. Bob could state this, to be clear, and we have the same beginning with Nothing Really Matters followed by Bedtime Story, Ray of Light, Frozen intro and first verse tied to full Rain (including the bridge), and leading into the Ghosttown chorus “When it all falls...”. At the end of the song, we see the first “Madonna of the past” in a Like a Virgin wedding dress and the real Madonna tells her “Not everyone is coming to the future because not everyone is learning from the past”. The Like a Virgin / Billie Jean interlude begins (I loved it), and then we go back in time to NY in the early 80s.

Then we have Everybody, Into the Groove, Open Your Heart and Holiday leading into the same incredibly beautiful Live to Tell (no Burning Up, we need to save some time and this one is cut). Then the same Unholy/Act of Contriction intro, Like a Prayer (adding the second verse), the same Living for Love interlude leading into the Erotica segment.

I would merge Erotica and Justify My Love (songs and choreography) to save some time to at least have the first verse and chorus of Papa Don’t Preach when Madonna finds her old Blond Ambition self (which is genius). Then the Fever snnipet, Hung Up (only the original, bye Tokischa) and (the wonderful) Bad Girl.

The same Up & Down Suite interlude, Break My Soul/Vogue mashup (including the second verse and bridge please!), the ballroom funny thing and full Crazy For You as a sweet moment (no Human Nature here).

A new little interlude is needed here, not the long, recycled and out-of-place The Beast Within. It could be Human Nature, with the screens showing her political side (fighting misogyny, homophobia, ageism, etc. – another interlude has some of these images that could be relocated). So I would replace Die Another Day with Express Yourself (keeping the same witch costumes and similar choreography), followed by Don’t Tell Me as it is. A little talk about family, then Mother and Father (although I prefer Promise to Try), more talking (freedom fighter, revolution of love bla bla bla), a snippet of Rebel Heart playing guitar and La Isla in full (I Will Survive karaoke and Don’t Cry for me Argentina are cut). Her “old self” could appear again here, perhaps the same “No Fear” from American Life.

Then we would see the I Don’t Search I Find interlude, which I think works better introducing the final act (but not that long, remember we moved some scenes to the previous interlude), the same GMAYL chants, the same Bitch I’ m Madonna with the drag queens dressed in her iconic looks, and a revised and longer encore: a medley with Celebration, Give It To Me and Music, ending with “Nothing really matters, love is all we need”, referencing the first song and becoming full circle as she loves!l

The show would go like this:


Bob’s intro

Nothing Really Matters

Bedtime Story

Ray of Light

Frozen / Rain / Ghosttown

Like a Virgin / Billie Jean interlude


Into the Groove

Open Your Heart


Live to Tell

Unholy / Act of Contriction intro

Like a Prayer

Living for Love interlude

Erotica / Justify My Love

Papa Don’t Preach


Hung Up

Bad Girl

Up & Down Suite intro

Break My Soul / Vogue

Crazy For You

Human Nature interlude

Express Yourself

Don’t Tell Me

Mother and Father

Rebel Heart

La Isla Bonita

I Don’t Search I Find interlude

GMAYL / Bitch I’m Madonna

Celebration / Give It To Me / Music


I tried to keep the runtime the same and only make a few small but effective changes. What do you guys think?

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44 minutes ago, DJ N A said:

No. One of her more recent background singers (sorry can't remember who) mentioned that they recorded background vocals for this tour but weren't traveling or physically on stage with her this time.

Probably the extra note at the end of "all comes back to meeee" was recorded in 98 so

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