Madonna and Diablo finished the script!

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Remember when she visited her warehouse in LA a couple years ago and she was filming the Blond Ambition costumes and flipping through books that she saved throughout the years? I wonder if that was the start of all this screenplay business and she finally has everything gathered and organized. 

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Sorry, but a biopic is not a good idea for me. despite both biographies

1.) bohemian rhapsody 2.) rocketman

have won Oscars - they were (very) easily forgotten 

When I see Angela Bassett and I remember she played Tina Turner in a biopic - I am overwhelmed by an odd feeling.

Besides its a bit suspicious when you direct a movie about yourself - it might sound as self-reference delusion.

I have a feeling a biopic conveys greater credibility when someone else talks about you.

Please, infinity's regulars dont be mad at me. Please.




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So a biopic ...

of her life...

with songs from her career....

I smell a soundtrack....

I smell .....


a Greatest Hits Collection....



with a twist. It’s entirely possible that the biopic will feature some of M’s biggest hits...but it’s also very likely that she will chose to use personal favourites and more autobiographical songs from her own catalogue to illustrate certain scenes or moods.

We could end up with an entirely unique one of best of Madonna that doesn’t just include the “hits”.

This will be an interesting project on more than one level. 
Avicci’s your time to shine ❤️




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34 minutes ago, Ayham said:

Anyone can spot anything? Can’t read a thing lol! 👀

They look like note pads and lyric books from the early 80s... I can see post-it notes with 1980, 1981, 1982, 1983... lots have a month, year and then 'lyrics' written on them.

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