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Teasing the Immacluate Collection related suprises

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One of the world's best-selling albums of all time is turning 30 today... Happy Anniversary to The Immaculate Collection! Play it out loud and stay tuned for related surprises!


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I'm still waiting for her to call me and ask to borrow my design files 😂 https://www.behance.net/gallery/92913091/Madonna-The-Immaculate-Collection-30th-Anniversary

woohoo the cushion and candle set is close

An Immacualte Collection shower curtain for those times you want to stay in there to ponder why Madonna hasnt made a connection between her declining relevancy and the managing of her musical legacy and the cultural impact it’s had.

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Guest Nobody Knows Me

Rehearsal footage of Rescue Me on the Madame X Tour would be a dream.

I imagine the tweet is hinting at an upscale of the Justify My Love video and the remixes for that and Rescue Me on streaming services.

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Rescue Me acapella please.


I’d be here for The Holiday Collection on streaming just so we have the vastly superior silver screen mix of Causing A Commotion available. I legit can’t see us getting it any other way. I was always pained that True Blue wasn’t the remix version. 
The Crazy For You Collection would have been nice too but doesn’t have the same ring about it.


The Look Of Love

Oh Father



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