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American Life: Mixshow Mix RSD 23


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The artwork is a boot. So many gorgeous pics from that era and shoot and they use text.

The way so many more Madonna fans would have snapped this the fuck up at time of release instead of Remixed & Revisited. 

Her lack of remix albums was always such a loss for me. Pet Shop Boys got that right. 

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6 hours ago, wtg1987 said:

Yay - vinyl release for her worst album - easy pass for me on both counts 

next …

Thanks!  You making it that much easier for some of us fans to secure a copy.  While I agree, I wasn't expecting this as RSD release, but at least it's something rare and not already out there.  American Life album is such an underrated album, and this will be a nice collectors item for Madonna fans who enjoy more than just the Who's That Girl era.  :kissy:

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6 hours ago, Prayer said:

We've getting 6 previously unreleased remixes, two of them ("Mother And Father" and "Easy Ride") promo only in 2003-2004 and very rare. The fact that those two are commercially released is a miracle. And still it's not enough.

Plus potentially a digital "American Life 20" campaign (fingers crossed) with the digital maxi singles added to streaming and the remastered videos.

No matter what they release, it's never gonna be enough for some fans.

all i want is the full tracy young easy ride mix :< 

Hopefully one day

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