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Harlem performance Oct. 9, 2021


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37 minutes ago, realityisalways said:

She says "another" surprise performance, like if that Hung Up thing on Pride was a performance. So given how loose her definition of a performance is these days,  I wouldn't get so excited.

I don’t think she’s ever stopped working out. I’m sure lots of stretching and increased mobility is a requirement after her surgery. But she hasn’t posted vids of her workouts in a very long time, up until this past week.

I wouldn’t be surprised if her posting these workout vids means she’s getting ready for something.

”…not allowed to dance in high heels yet. Soon very soon.”


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2 hours ago, Quack said:

Guesses will range from:

New hairstyle reveal 

MDNA nipple clamps

Collab with Malik

Private party for all of Madonna Infinity 

80 date worldwide stadium tour 

Only one thing's for certain on here, @Shofulwill be super excited :Madonna057:

I’m gonna be twerking my ass whether it’s Future, Funana, or Looking For Mercy :Madonna030:

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50 minutes ago, PaperFaces said:

I kinda dont care

about performances.

How About a Madame X repackage with extra tracks, demos, remixes from that era?


Because she has no contract with any labels now. Warner will probably release something for the 10th anniversary tho ??‍♂️

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