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On 3/21/2023 at 5:58 PM, Honey Little said:

I think these are gorgeous. And u could see him/her doing justice to the new images for the official program. Or at least replacing Gomez as the editor of the instagram pictures. MyMadonnaLuvn is an artist editor. Even Madonna reposted his work in the past.



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23 hours ago, wtg1987 said:

Madame x tour ? 


7 hours ago, madgefan said:

Rebel Heart? In my opinion that was really weak.


1 hour ago, Pretender1978 said:

surely it's confessions, that was the start of the boring programmes

Sticky and Sweet actually… I’d only ever bought one programme previous, and that was Kylie's Showgirl Homecoming which was an absolute work of art and such a high quality product, and HUGE. So my 15 year old self bought the M program at my first M concert at the Gold Circle in Cardiff… what a load of crap that was. 

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On 3/24/2023 at 7:58 AM, Pretender1978 said:

surely it's confessions, that was the start of the boring programmes

As far as I'm concerned, the only noteworthy tour books are those of the Virgin tour, Who's That Girl Tour , Blond Ambition Tour ,The Girlie Show , The Re invention Tour , the nice ones are from DWT and S&S and RHT ( Confessions Tour, MDNA Tour and Madame X are terrible ).


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I kinda feel like today tour books are a little bit of a crap shoot because all of the contents within them can be easily accessed online. It's still nice to have for collection's sake but the thing that made them unique--the photos and the tour information within--are now able to be sourced elsewhere. I understand with the internet being a thing now why the effort put into them has dwindled significantly.

That and I doubt they sell in the quantities today that they once did for the same reasons I mentioned above. 

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And not just the cone bra. Remember that JPG also worked on the DWT, RIT and CT!

The minute she stopped recruting him to make the designs, we started to get some really questionable costume choices... 4 Minutes at the S&S anyone? And let's not even discuss how she ruined that beautiful jacket for God Control at MXT :seeno:

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