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The Celebration Tour (No Spoilers)


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Hopefully the official announcement will not only be about the tour but the remasters as well. 

Downside Mike Dean will probably do the tour remixes like he did for Madame X and Rebel Heart....

If it's a greatest hits tour, Gaultier absolutely must be on board

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40 minutes ago, Roland Barthes said:

If it's a greatest hits tour, Gaultier absolutely must be on board

Exactly! The minute she stopped hiring him as costume designer we started to get lots of different questionable wardrobe choices in her shows (2008 onwards).

I don't really know what to think.. like many of you, real fans, here feel anxious about her delivery this time around. The Colombia performance was an all-time low in her career... and for her standards it makes me wonder if that person was Madonna or not :lol:

But honestly, I kind of feel relieved to know she still feels the spark to perform live. After the Madame X Tour and COVID anything could have happened... at least she realised her power still relies on the amazing catalogue she's recorded over the last 40 years, so why not continue capitalizing on it? Many other artists and bands became legacy acts decades ago... she was one of the few who still dared to promote her latest releases instead of past glories. 

Now is the time.

I just hope ticket are not as ridiculously pricey as they were in 2019-2020 and most importantly, she needs to get her implanted ass on stage on time.

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I wonder if this will be called the

Finally Enough Love Tour? 

Rebel Heart Tour proved to us she is not completely adverse to medleys after all these years. 
I expect heaps of interpolations / mash ups / nods to previous hits.

She knows she can’t fit it all in so we’ll get some sprinkles, samples and surprises.


Im so intrigued. I think many of us have said that she needs to do a greatest hits tour finally to bring her gold dust to the boil before the reissues and the biopic. 

I wonder if there will be anymore announcements with the tour relating to the reissues? 

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What's really interesting about an M greatest hits show is that the set list and themes could vary so wildly. More than any other artist, I think. Depending on how rigid your definition of a "hit" is. 

Like "Bedtime Story" or "Nothing Really Matters" were #1 club hits that the people paying for these tickets will lose their minds over. But they weren't Hot 100 general public hits. Then you have an actual #1 like TUTBMP or a classic like "Cherish" that M isnt that crazy about. I'm very curious to see what SHE considers "The Hits". And the ecstasy/meltdowns that ensue.

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