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    Kylie Minogue - Butterfly (Demo)

    Here's the original demo version of 'Butterfly' from the Light Years Sessions. [Hidden Content]
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    Probably one of the best tracks from KMO. [Hidden Content]
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    60+ folders, 450+ remixes, b-sides, etc.. most in WAV or Apple Lossless no album versions [Hidden Content] thanks @Steffmadand everyone else who has contributed on here
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    Ripped from Promo CD's. [Hidden Content] 01 All I See (Mark Picchiotti Proper House Vocal).flac 02 All I See (Mark Picchiotti Proper House Dub).flac 03 All I See (Mark Picchiotti Proper Radio Edit).flac 04 All I See (Mark Picchiotti Funk Vocal).flac 05 All I See (Mark Picchiotti Funk Dub).flac 06 All I See (Mark Picchiotti Funk Radio Edit).flac 08 All I See (Mark!s Sleazy Club Redux Dub) (aka Instrumental).flac 09 All I See (Mark!s Sleazy Club Redux Mix) (aka Extended Version).flac
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    The 'Love And Kisses' CD-Singles Collection (1990-1991). All CD's are ripped from original CD-Singles except the 'I Don't Wanna Take This Pain' Cassette. Admin/Mods can delete this post if it's against the rules. Here's the list (Separate Folders): Love And Kisses [UK] [CDS 1991] (MCSTD 1529) 01 Love And Kisses (UK 7" Version) 02 Love And Kisses (Instrumental) 03 Love And Kisses (Accapella) Love And Kisses [Australia] [CDS 1990] (D1069) 01 Love And Kisses (Hectic Mix) 02 Love And Kisses (House Mix) 03 Work (7" Edit) 04 Love And Kisses (OZ 7" Version) Love And Kisses [Japan] [CDS 1991] (ALDB-103) 01 Love And Kisses (UK 7" Version) 02 Work (Album Version) Success [Australia] [CDS 1990] (D10187) 01 Success (OZ 7" Version) 02 Success (OZ Album Instrumental) 03 Success (Filthy Lucre Mix) 04 Success (Rich'n'Real Mix) 05 Success (Expensive Mix) Success [UK] [CDS 1991] (MCSTD 1538) 01 Success (UK 7" Version) 02 Success (12" Master) aka (Original Forest UK Mix) 03 Success (Funky Tony Dub) Success [US Promo CD] (SAV5P-2231) 01 Success (LP Radio Edit) 02 Success (E-Smoove Radio Edit) 03 Success (E-Smoove Groovy) 04 Success (Original Forest UK Mix) 05 Success (Junior's Big House) Success [Japan] [CDS 1991] (ALDB-127) 01 Success (U.K. Remix Version) 02 Success (Instrumental) Jump To The Beat [Australia] [CDM 1991] (D10482) 01 Jump To The Beat (L.A. 7" Mix) 02 Jump To The Beat (Extended Mix) aka (L.A. Mix) 03 Hallucination (L.A. Remix) Jump To The Beat [Germany] [CDM 1991] (MCD 17586) 01 Jump To The Beat (L.A. 7" Mix) 02 Hallucination (L.A. Remix) 03 Success (Funky Tony Mix) Jump To The Beat [US Promo CD] (CD45-2034) 01 Jump To The Beat (L.A. 7" Version) 02 Jump To The Beat (7" Remix) aka (Album Version) 03 Jump To The Beat (12" Remix) aka (L.A. Mix) 04 Hallucination (L.A. Remix) Jump To The Beat [Japan] [CDS 1991] (ALDB-133) 01 Jump To The Beat (L.A. 7" Version) 02 Jump To The Beat (LP Edit) Baby Love [Australia] [CDM 1991] (D11077) 01 Baby Love (Silky 70's Edit) 02 Baby Love (Silky 70's Mix) 03 Baby Love (Maurice's House Mix) Baby Love [Japan] [CDM 1991] (ALCB-409) 01 Baby Love (Silky 70's Edit) 02 Baby Love (Silky 70's Mix) 03 Hallucination (L.A. Remix) Baby Love [UK Promo CD] (WMCSTD 1580) 01 Baby Love (Silky 70's Edit) 02 Baby Love (Silky 70's Mix) I Don't Wanna Take This Pain [UK] [CDS 1991] (MCSTD 1600) 01 I Don't Wanna Take This Pain (L.A. 7" Version) 02 I Don't Wanna Take This Pain (L.A. 12" Version) 03 Jump To The Beat (12" Version) aka (L.A. Mix) 04 Baby Love (E-Smooves 12" Mix) I Don't Wanna Take This Pain [UK] [Cassette] (MCSC 1600) 01 I Don't Wanna Take This Pain (L.A. 7" Version) 02 I Don't Wanna Take This Pain (Saxtrumental) Love And Kisses [Japan] [Promo CD - Special Sample] (Y12-34) 01 Jump To The Beat 02 Baby Love 03 Love And Kisses 04 Success 05 Jump To The Beat Love & Kisses / Success U.K. Remixes [Japan] [CD 1991] (ALCB-311) Love And Kisses (12" Version) Love And Kisses (Acappella) Love And Kisses (Edit) aka (UK 7" Version) Love And Kisses (Remix Instrumental) Success (Full Mix) aka (12" Mix) Success (12" Master) aka (Original Forest UK Mix) Success (12" Dub) aka (Funky Tony Dub) True Lovers (12" Edit) [Hidden Content]
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    This is a digital rip I did of the official Velvet Rope Tour (Live in New York) LaserDisc. Of course you're welcome to share this file with whomever you want, but please don't repost this link outside of the Madonna-Infinity.net forum. The audio mix on the LaserDisc is different from the one on the DVD. For instance, the guitar on 'If' is louder in the mix. Enjoy! [Hidden Content]
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    [Hidden Content] Of course you're welcome to share this file with whomever you want, but please don't repost this link outside of the Madonna-Infinity.net forum. https://www.discogs.com/Janet-Janet/master/601800
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    OH GOD. Not again.
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    Has Madonna become predictable?

    2008. Turned 50. Got divorced. Plastic surgery. Adopted kids. The cultural and business landscape of music completely changed, something she wasn't prepared for. She was stuck in analog while the digital marched on. She left a huge vacuum into which Gaga swooped and stole an entire generation that should have been Madonna's. She's managed to grab every generation since she began until this one which left her feeling insecure to the point where she has to remind everyone "Bitch I'm Madonna"...as well as desperately needing the street cred of the latest rappers. All to be expected for a midlife crisis. You can't maintain 3 decades of continual success and not be tired. She's exhausted. Hoping her time out in Portugal and Malawi have reminded her of who she is and what she is here for. Her team of nannys do the hardworking of raising kids, she can't use that as an excuse. And she should just let the business things go, forget the gyms and shoes and face creams...be the music. "Je suis l'art"
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    I haven't mixed anything in a long time so wanted to try my hand at something again. I saw a comment about how Sleeping with the Enemy shared similarities to Unfinished Sympathy and thus this mix is born. Artist: Kylie Minogue Album: Sleeping with the Enemy / Unfinished Sympathy - Single Genres: Pop Year Released: 2018 Download Link: [Hidden Content]
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    [Hidden Content] So far this has not been released on DVD. This is from the Japanese LaserDisc, which means it has Japanese subtitles throughout. Of course you're welcome to share this file with whomever you want, but please don't repost this link outside of the Madonna-Infinity.net forum.
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    I don’t care when she releases it as long as the vinyl release is gorgeous. And comes with a poster. And digital download. And a lock of her hair. And the Blond Ambition Tour.
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    Is Madonna being replaced, just like they do to Avril Lavigne and Britney Spears?
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    I really don't want to be rude, but seriously, this is getting dumb and old.
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    Has Madonna become predictable?

    This. During COADF era, her videos were weaker and even bad. Druing HC era, she even said that music videos aren't important anymore and then Gaga came. In the 2010s, Madonna cared about videos again, although nothing continued the brilliance and artistry of American Life and Hollywood videos. After those videos, her videos were just good or bad. They simply didn't have the same power like her old ones. And she keeps focusing too much on tour videos, which were great most of time. I agree that she could have slayed more with her music around 2009 and 2010. HC could have had more hit songs. In 2010s, she did some very catchy singles that should have been hits, but it is a generational thing. No matter how good song is, people won't pay attention to it if the artist is older. There are always exceptions. On the other hand, Madonna didn't even try to promote some stuff (MDNA singles). The age thing has definitely become a problem. Not for public, but for her. She keeps whining about it. Besides age (midlife crisis or whatever), I think other stuff impacted her artistry too. I think her private life impacted HC quality and she let the producers to take the control. She even let Warner to decide the genre of HC. In 2009 she just wanted to get over with Warner and that non-eventful Celebration thing. I totally agree about BIM. It was desperate and pointless. Public only payed attention to it, because of all those cameos and many celebs didn't even appear on the actual set. It was sad and basic. Below Madonna level. It was supposed to be some anti-ageism thing. Was that all she got? She used to be so great at talking about different serious themes in her music and videos. Now she fights ageism through basic videos where she dances with younger people and act like a spoiled 16 year old. Wasn't she brilliant while making a dance song and video (Music) in 2000, when she was 42? How about doing the same at the age of 47 (Hung Up)? She didn't bitch about ageism then. Now it seems she is ready to dumb down her work, so she could show she is still fun or whatever. She keeps talking about art, but then she makes basic songs and videos that could have been done by other entertainers. Instagram makes her messy too. She used to be this cool woman who does what she wants. Before someone replies and say she still does what she wants, let me explain. She used to go in another direction. When hip hop and bubblegum pop was a thing, Madonna was all about electronica and electropop. She was different and that's why she stood out. Her videos (DTM, WIFLFAG, DAD, AL) were a true piece of art and there was that attitude that didn't exist in videos of other pop stars. For example, some Britney's video was just entertaining, while Madonna's video was more than that. Now, she does messy stuff and calls it ironic. Ironic or not, it sucks. And she is too much into this basic pop culture. Now she hangs with Miley, Taylor, Migos... In 1989, she wouldn't even sat next to Martika. Now, she is like some kind of grandma, who has a nice word for all her grandchildren (young basic artists). She wants to support them. Ok. But why does support the most basic artists, while ignoring more creative and original artists who need support? What about Shura, Florence, Lana, St. Vincent, Gotye, Neon Indian...? She keeps reaching only super popular entertainers from Billboard top 40. In the 90s and the early 2000s, Madonna was into Bjork, Massive Attack, underground scene, local producers. Her music was great and proved she got taste. After that, Madonna started to worship pop culture, which become so boring and stupid, and her music reflected that. I am not saying everything she did lately sucks, but it is there. It is normal to get tired and don't do all things she used to do. However, she is still an artist. If she still wants to create art, then she shouldn't do whatever just for the sake of it. If she isn't into new music, she shouldn't make it often or at all. If she feels creative and passionate, then she should go to studio. Going to studio just to have fun and make something fun is a bad sign. Kate Bush is old like Madonna and that woman keeps delivering great works and she doesn't even re-invent herself like Madonna, yet she always has new ideas and approaches. And finally, isn't it ageist to assume that Madonna is old, hence creatively tired? Madonna has nothing to prove, but shouldn't she fight ageism while keep showing how great and creative she can be? P.S. I don't mind if Madonna earns money through gyms and MDNA Skin, but she focuses too much on it and pretends like it is harder to make MDNA Skin thing than an album. The cream is made by other people, while she is in the ad. That's it. Yet, Madonna calls it a part of her "art". And she keeps talking about art and artistic freedom, but when it comes to making music, she tends to deliver things that are hardly artistic and too safe.
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    Here you have Dancing & Stop Me From Falling [Hidden Content] [Hidden Content]
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    Here it is, guys. It's on my MEGA account: [Hidden Content]
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    [Hidden Content] Of course you're welcome to share this file with whomever you want, but please don't repost this link outside of the Madonna-Infinity.net forum. It's basically a documentary of when Geri just left and the girls tour the US as a foursome. Has some b-roll concert footage but no full performances. https://www.discogs.com/Spice-Girls-Spice-Girls-In-America-A-Tour-Story/master/1187069
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    https://www.discogs.com/Paula-Abdul-Under-My-Spell-Live/master/452308 Of course you're welcome to share this file with whomever you want, but please don't repost this link outside of the Madonna-Infinity.net forum. [Hidden Content]
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    I'd expect this from MadonnaNation or Tribe. Not here. Disappointing to say the least
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    What did you expect, that nobody'd ever share it again? You're not exactly "posting for the fans" if you only allow a very small number of them to actually download what you share. Here's a link for the multitrack set I've had for a few years now, which will be staying up permanently. [Hidden Content]
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    Has Madonna become predictable?

    i don't think i can predict what her next album will be like so no... altho image-wise she's not as surprising. Since she reached middle age she began to look back a lot more, which some of her fans love and some of her fans not so much. Some wish she was still the re-invention queen who always showed a new image, others love all the throwbacks and nostalgia. I'm fine as long as she makes good music.
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    Themes that shouldn't be on the new album

    She doesn't need us to let her she is going to do what she wants. I was talkin to her on the phone last night. She said to me. Scotty, I am going to do whatever I want. I said, ok Madonna talk to you later kiss kiss.
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    Has Madonna become predictable?

    Predictable in what aspect? To me, she's constantly evolving. Even the recent releases of hers that some fans heavily criticize are quite different from the previous. American > Confessions...> Hard Candy> MDNA are all different from one another. Just because she doesn't drastically change her look anymore or score huge hits with her songs, doesn't mean she's predictable. Most fans are very interested in her direction with this next album. I don't see anything predictable to that since all we know is she's been mostly in the studio with Mirwais and if you look back at their work together, it's pretty eclectic. To me, if she was predictable she would be working with the same people all the time and/or not willing to explore different genres. Also, look at her personal life. Who would have thought over 25 years ago, Madonna would be a mother of 6 children? Who would have thought four of them would be adopted from a third world country? Who would have thought she'd be building medical centers, schools and funding orphanages? Hell, the woman picked up her life for her adoptive son, and moved to another part of the world so he could play ball with the best. That's hardly predictable, knowing her love for NY. And as dorky as I find some of the filters and lighting she uses as well as some of the videos she posts, I never would have thought she'd use Instagram the way she has. In the last several years, she's shown a far different side of her that I never saw before. She's shown far more vulnerability, a lot of silly humor, playfulness and compassion. I see a more humanistic side to her than I've ever seen of her. No, she's not predictable!
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