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Madonna performance for Ukraine benefit

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23 minutes ago, gafuller said:

Literally was first thing I saw on her Instagram this morning. Nice cover and you can hear her mature higher range very well. 

I mean isn't there supposed to be a concert? All I saw was politicians talking for days on end… ??‍♂️??‍♂️??‍♂️

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Well, it's clear some people here are  bitter individuals who cannot appreciate anything since they have been criticizing her every move (and i won't mention any names but 1987 was not the best Madonna era by far) and, of course, the usual trolls because that's what it's like to have no life i guess. 

The event raised more than 10 billion euros. And naysayers, what have they done to help ? 


It was intimate and sweet and the choice of song is symbolic because for her, chosing to perform an Elton John's song, is like an olive branch. 

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The more I watch it the more it moves me. Aside from the fact the song already has done emotional significance for me there are some wonderfully tender moments between M and David. An arm across his shoulder, the way he looks at her at one point - you can genuinely see and feel the love between mother and son and it’s delight.

A real contrast to some of the zaniness we see from Chez Ciccone sometimes. I would love more of this: gentle, simple and warm. 

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