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Madonna PRIDE 2021


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Not going to quote the post above, but damn that was some ageist shit. Shame on you.

Performance wasn't my thing but those freckles were super cute. Glad she had fun - seeing her happy makes me happy .

Also I would have gladly paid $10K for a selfie. Seems rather cheap. 

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Well it was more than I was expecting.......nothing the write home about........she looks great on the dance floor in the pink wig. 

I'm amazed at people saying she shouldn't show her tits?!?!?.....she's Madonna?!?! I'm more concerned about the location of those nipples :lol: 


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1 hour ago, Matty said:

nice to see her in shape and performing but sorry we don’t need to see the tits, this isn’t an age thing it’s just unnecessary and does look desperate, I don’t think there is a need to see any female artists tits when performing its classless regardless of age!

It's Pride. It's Madonna.

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