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MEGARATE: American Life era [Results Show - Recap on first page]

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6 hours ago, Curtains said:

I answered to that on the first page.

Oh sorry, i didn't realise that.

Well... still... i think it qualifies as a Madonna song since the song itself its basically a duet. Have you ever heard the Britney solo version? Sounds very different, vocally speaking. I think it should be included, but thats just my opinion. I will be voting soon :) 

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I always wanted to see a rock or acoustic Madonna and with this album both wishes were fulfilled and better still, discreet and ear-friendly electronic sounds were added and all this mix resulted in a product that exceeded my expectations although I admit that it is not an album many will like it at first listen, but right there lies its charm and particularity, it is an album that you learn to love over time.

The only song that I feel breaks the cohesion of the album is Die Another day, I feel that it should not have been included for this reason because its sound differs a lot from the rest of the songs on the album (something similar to what happened with 4 Minutes on Hard Candy), plus I don't like it because I find it overproduced both in sounds and in Madonna's distorted voice. Therefore, for being the different and rejected of the group, I will have to give it the score it deserves, although the video for this song is wonderful and it has nothing to do with hating the song.

Special mention for Mother and Father, my favorite on the album, both for the message and for the production, the perfect example of how sounds can transmit emotions, especially the final part where Madonna, whose voice is distorted like a girl, repeats that she is trying to overcome the memory of her mother's death and lead a normal life while in the background the sounds come together and gradually increase in intensity until they end up in something chaotic, a chaos that reflects the mental struggle that develops in her because of the difficulty that it is for her to overcome the trauma and that we do not know if she will be successful in it. That's why I think that The song that should have followed after should have been Easy Ride and not Die Another Day since its slow and calm rhythm made the perfect contrast with the intensity of the final part of Mother and Father.

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I finally voted! For me this was the hardest megarate. American Life is such a cohesive album and my favourite song changes from day to day, depending on my mood. I had a really good time rediscovering this album. I think even songs like Die Another Day and I'm So Stupid are outstanding despite these songs getting a lot of criticism. American Life certainly is in my top 5 of favourite Madonna albums.

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On 5/26/2022 at 2:21 PM, desperateK said:


I used to like this album as a whole and considered it very consistent when it came out. As years have gone by, I've been surprised by how many songs haven't stayed with me or seem weak to me now as compositions...

Agreed. I was surprised how relatively low I rated many of the songs. It's no MUSIC that's for sure.

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