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MEGARATE: Music era [Results Show - Recap on first page]

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62 users participated, the largest number after Ray of Light. Thank you for the support you're giving to these games as always! The results will be revealed tomorrow, on May 19th, at 3pm EST / 9pm CET. Hope lots of you will be there to interract! @mirtillo, @Roy, @Andreo, @Levon, @musicinferno, @Drum Dub, @MadonnasPussy, @geert, @EgoRod, @mrmadonna, @MattyMads, @Unruhe, @sidney78a, @Karma, @Jet, @Leandro Gomes, @desperateK, @drunkby6, @SuperBicycle, @Holger, @Enrico, @Danton, @Inco


Hi everyone ! Since we'll soon be celebrating the 40th anniversary of Madonna's career (!!), and due to popular demand, I'll organize a megarate for every single Madonna album. Let's now see how the tracks from the Music era compete with each other. As requested by most users who participated in other games, non-album tracks from the corresponding era will also be included.   Rules: - Make sure to know all the songs included in the competition. - Rate each song fro


@mirtillo, @Roy, @Andreo, @Levon, @musicinferno, @Drum Dub, @MadonnasPussy, @geert, @EgoRod, @mrmadonna, @MattyMads, @Unruhe, @sidney78a, @Karma, @Jet, @Leandro Gomes, @desperateK, @drunkby6, @SuperBicycle, @Holger, @Enrico, @Danton, @Inco, @Nowheretohide, @zephyr in the sky at night, @Tony Fortin, @PlayPause, @migsou, @MDNA22, @chipie, @Bohh, @Fernando, @stefo, @alfi1973, @konfideinmenow, @Sven, @androiduser, @frozen78, @proxy, @mikenmark, @chaosmen1984mk, @Polaris, @panosgk, @PanditaRulez, @gs

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3 minutes ago, PanditaRulez said:

What about of "Lo Que Siente La Mujer"? 🤔 

Since it's a spanish version of What It Feels Like for a Girl, i didn't include that one, just the same way i didn't include Verás AND You'll See. I chose to not include alternate versions/remixes of the same song in the same game.

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This album is so underrated despite being a big smash when it was released. It was a cool successor to ROL,  still electronic but branching out into new territory. I like how unpredictable and fun it is, kinda like Madonna just went into the studio and started brainstorming rather than having everything perfectly planned beforehand. The album is not cohesive which is actually one of its strengths in my opinion. The production is fantastic, especially on the title track and if I had one criticism it would be that American Pie is a bad track, not a very impressive way to close a good album, it just leaves a sour taste in my mouth.

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This album should have included Run and Liquid Love. Can't argue about that, you know it's the truth. Oh well, we can't complain tho, we will get them in the deluxe reissue anyways 🤭 so happy about that 

And when that will happen I'll be the first one sending my votes for the Music Megarate: The Re-up

Period Reaction GIF by MOODMAN

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